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Bianca Sias


Project Analyst, Maverick Capital

Location: Dallas, TX


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

DFW Scrum (Dallas/Fort Worth)


Hello, my name is Bianca Sias. At my organization, I am tasked as a Project Manager for our internal development team for propriety software for the firm. As such, I get to be exposed to new ideas with regards to Fintech.

During the pregnancy of my first child, I was first exposed to Scrum. My organization encouraged me to get training as a Scrum Master, because largely of how I went about organizing our internal projects, was the basic tenets of Scrum. Over the course of the next six years, I spent that time Daily Scrum, sprint planning meetings, and product backlogs. I was also tasked with being the flagbearer of Agile in our workplace.

Two years ago, I attended Product Owner training with the hopes of gaining the perspective from the leadership in our organization. This enabled me to get a better hold of our product backlog through improved prioritization. The backlog is still something that requires constant attention as the needs for the organization change quickly. The nature of our organization has formal projects that make for easier tracking and then we have smaller one or two day requests that require attention. This occurred regularly and we were able to identify it in our burndown charts. Because we recognized that these interruptions happen, we have added that time into the sprints. More formal planning with the Zero Sprint has helped us prepare for each project, but even better than that has been the use of retrospectives. Knowing what we could improve upon or what the obstacles we faced (and why) enabled us to be better prepared for the next project(s). Finally, the use of reviews has helped us to refine the backlog through better definition. Utilizing these artifacts has proven to be effective in our organization because it not only has encouraged my team to focus on what is essential, but also for the other stakeholders to focus better prioritization.

It's been incredible to witness the change in this industry for the past 10 years.

I am also intrigued by how the scrum/agile methodologies can be applied in the home or really in any aspect of the way we live. When I was pregnant with my second child, I attended a Coach’s retreat. During that time, I was struggling as a working mother and was afraid of how I would be able to achieve everything. After that retreat, I came home and asked my husband if we could implement the methodologies into our home. We have a daily scrum at the dinner table, we have our backlog chart, and we have our weekly planning sessions on Sundays. During road trips, we utilize that time for Sprint Planning and for Retrospectives. As my children have gotten older, they are able to break down their important tasks (epics) by creating user stories, then breaking it down even more, which affords for them to be less anxious. Our household runs much smoother because everyone sees what has to happen and we can see immediate success, too!


Work experience

Maverick Capital, Technical Writer/Project Lead
May 2007 - Present, Dallas, TX, US
Working as a ScrumMaster while we implement Agile in our development cycle. Trying to blend it with "traditional" methods of work that fit in the financial realm.

Maverick Capital, Project Analyst
January 2015 - Present, Dallas, Texas, US
I analyze how we can better approach the many projects presented each year, then help choose which are most pressing for the firm and which will yield the best ROI for the firm.


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