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Bernino Lind


Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Certified ScrumMaster



Bernino Lind has for the past 11 years been a practitioner of various agile project management methodologies and been coaching hundreds of developers, business owners, shareholders and teams to implement agile methodologies, particularly focused on lean as a general framework with Agile/Scrum for project management and BDD/TDD, continuous integration and other tools for quality of code.


In my current role I was engaged by shareholders to turn around the RnD and Operations of a company in Geneva, which had problems executing the vision of the CEO to become products. I successfully transformed their organization to a lean company using Agile/Scrum methodology for the project management part, which resulted in delivering 12 projects, 4 product lines and various back office support functions in less than 10 months, on time and on budget, with a team which peaked at 35 persons. This resulted in the company being able to sign a global distribution deal with one of the top 5 PC manufacturers.


This required not only in depth understanding of how to implement the methodology, but also people skills to get buy-in from all stakeholders including the CEO and CFO, which I was successful in doing. In fact the team went from a seriously underperforming and demotivated team with a culture of ’blame’; to an over-performing on-time, on-budget team with a positive entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of ’Yes we can!’ in less than 6 months. The entire turn around took 10 months.


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