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Bronwyn Calleja


Project Manager, Halliburton

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Alliance Thailand


Bronwyn Calleja

I've come into Scrum through a company backdoor... I am a geophysicist by training and worked on oil rigs for 3 years before moving into the office as a log analyst.  My career progressed into geosteering (where we advise operators on how to place their well during drilling operations) and finally into the Technology domain in becoming a Subject Matter Expert, progressing to Product Owner/Project Manager of software development before our company embraced Agile and Scrum.  Now, I am acting as ScrumMaster for one project which is distributed geographically and over 5 different timezones and 6 countries.  It's challenging as I'm not co-located with any of my team members (long story) however we are making it work through exhaustive communication and some documentation. 


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