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Brenda Bao


Consultant, OutSofting

Location: Beijing/China


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Brenda Bao trains and coaches teams to use Agile/Scrum in China. She started to be an Agile consultant for OutSofting from 2009 and have helped various companies in China to adopt Agile/Scrum. Before being a consultant, Brenda Bao had been working in telecom software industry for more than 4 years. From the year 2007, Brenda Bao started to push a big organization to go towards Agile from bottom up as an Engineer. Despite the challenges, she managed to build the first Scrum team while all the other projects being still waterfall. Encouraged by the taste of Scrum, she continued to scale Scrum to the whole product. Although it was not easy, she moved on with various experiences of success and failure. From 2009, with all those valuable experiences, her journey continues as an Agile Coach in a software development consulting company, OutSofting, in order to help more organizations to be more effective with Agile development.

Work experience

Next Digital, Business Analyst
January 2012 - Present, Shanghai, China
After being Agile consultant for several years, I think the most difficult part of implementing Agile/Scrum is the PO role. So I decided to give myself another challenge

OutSofting, Agile Coach
September 2009 - Present, Beijing, China
I started to be an Agile coach to help more companies after my Agile experience in Ericsson Shanghai. I do training, co-training, coaching, consulting for companies that have need. From Jan. 1st of 2012, I start to be an Agile consultant part time and take on a Product Owner's role full time.

Ericsson, Software Engineer
July 2005 - July 2009, Shanghai, China
I started my job at Ericsson as a software engineer. Later, at 2006, with the R&D Agile transformation program, I got certificated as a CSM. From that time, I became the pioneer in Ericsson Shanghai center and worked as an Agile coach to help the site transformation. The work include, being ScrumMaster of a scrum team, building up a ScrumMaster community, advising the management team of the support that's needed.


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