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Andrew Webster


Transformation Coach & Trainer, Websters Consulting Services

Location: San Jose, CA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Andrew Webster: Agile to the bone!

An Agilist since 2004, CSM since 2010, and used and taught Scrum since 2011: I'm all in!

In 2004, I saw Dr Neil Roodyn give a talk on XP in Brisbane, Queensland, to the great and the good of the Queensland IT world. He shamed us and inspired us, and it rather felt as though, from that day forward, Australia went agile.

Over the next five years, one or two of the projects I worked on did not follow any kind of agile approach - and bombed. The rest at least attempted agility, and succeeded.  How to measure success?  Everyone ended the project happy.  Happy developers, happy customers, happy management.  The last project came in $9 over budget, because I parked in the wrong deck.

In 2009 I moved to Alabama to marry. My first role, I ran my side of the project, and it went well. Then I was offered a full-time job, and joined corporate America. Excited to make a contribution, I paid for my own Certified Scrum Master, and started to learn that being successful with agility is not about what I know. It's about the culture, and if agility is a fit.

Back in Australia, it was, as pretty much everyone of note in the industry hade been in that presentation.  In Alabama, not so much.

For the four years I learned prodigious amounts about corporate politics, SDLC, methodology, process, management, and sweet tea.  And how chaos suppresses competence.

In April 2013 my wife graduated, and we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to live in San Jose.  I started working at CyberSource in Visa as a Scrum Master / Program Manager / Agile coach.

In February 2014 I joined SolutionsIQ as an Agile Coach, initially at a large payments company in the San Jose area. Absorbed into the corporate borg at that company in 2015 I soon realized that it's very hard to change the culture when the culture thinks its duty is to change you, so I left to operate as an independent coach in early 2016.

Work experience

SolutionsIQ, Agile Transformation Coach
February 2014 - Present, San Jose, California
Agile Coach, currently at PayPal. For CSP, I've marked this role as Team Member: it's just a team of Agile Coaches, not developers!

CyberSource (Visa), Sr Scrum Master / Agile Coach
July 2013 - January 2014, Foster City, California

  • Scrum Master to several teams
  • Agile coach
  • Owner of Agile Community of Practice

BBVA Compass, Process Coordinator (EDW)
December 2011 - April 2013, Birmingham, AL, US

Supporting BI/DW efforts with agile enhancements to a waterfall organizational SDLC. In an Agile organization, this role would be called "Scrum Master". In this organization, I operated "undercover" as a "Process Coordinator". The role was identical, helping five sub-teams in a 80-odd person department by facilitating planning and review meetings (aka Sprint Planning, Demo, and Retro), daily course-correction meetings (aka Stand-ups), and solving organizational and technical impediments.

BBVA Compass, BI Developer
August 2010 - December 2011, Birmingham, AL

Permanent position with BI team within Enterprise Data Warehouse.

BBVA Compass, Contractor: XQuery development with xDB
March 2010 - July 2010, Birmingham, AL

Contract position learning to use xDB, to write xquery queries against it for bank data retention project.

(Various), Database developer/Team Lead
January 2004 - February 2009, Brisbane, QLD, AU
MCSD certified database developer, working with various teams in various companies in finance, engineering procurement, biological testing, environmental engineering, and government. Started when I arrived in Australia in 2000.


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