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Andrew Rusling


Agile Coach, Halfbrick Studios

Location: Brisbane, Australia


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Andrew Rusling, Agile Coach on a journey to better. I boost peoples morale, by helping them to take charge of their destiny and achieve their goals.

Starting with the chaos of a small unstructured company I quickly moved onto a large bureaucracy. I realised that neither was a great way of delivering valuable software. My search for a better way led me to TDD, which I embraced wholeheartedly and put in place wherever I worked. Along the way I found out about agile & Scrum. At Man Investments in London I worked in a Scaled Scrum division and knew that I had found what I was looking for. Upon my return to Australia and a new role in a small company, I seized the opportunity to introduce Scrum. It was a great success that led to me taking on the role of Agile Coach in CSG International, where I was able to fully focus on my efforts on organisational change. Gamesys Games Studios department has now been transformed from a waterfall approach to Scaled Scrum and is working well. In the newly formed Digital Catapult I instituted an agile project management approach, coupled to a high quality development culture. Assisting Suncorp with their BI transformation gave a chance to experience distributed Scrum. Currently I am working with Halfbrick Studios helping to optimise their Scrum approach so they can ship more awesome games.

Work experience

Halfbrick Studios, Agile Coach
June 2015 - Present, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
As Agile Coach for the company I am coaching, mentoring, training, and facilitating a cultural and structural transformation. Many of their teams utilise Scrum, with other teams using Kanban.

Suncorp, Scrum Master
January 2015 - May 2015, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Suncorp is moving to a new banking platform and consequently re-platforming their entire BI solution. The agile team that I was Scrum Master for worked with three other agile teams to accomplish this significant task. During my time I was able to introduce a few agile concepts and practices that were able to expedite the delivery of this complex and daunting project.

Digital Catapult, Agile Coach
June 2014 - November 2014, London, London, United Kingdom
In this young company I am working to institute an agile project management approach, coupled to a high quality development culture. Lean concepts are being applied throughout the business to improve overall throughput. This is occurring via developing and delivering extensive training, backed up with direct coaching of key individuals across all disciplines.

Gamesys, Agile Coach
March 2013 - April 2014, London, London, United Kingdom
I transformed the Games Studios department of roughly 80 people, from an adhoc waterfall approach to a Scrum methodology. They have benefited from improved morale, greater sense of ownership and initiative, improved visibility and consistency of delivery. While working with the Client Delivery department of roughly 70 people, my coaching and trained increased their agility self assessment from an average of 15 out of 43, to an average of 29 out of 43.

CSG Interational, Agile Coach
November 2010 - February 2014, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I lead an extensive waterfall to Scrum transition, then continued to provide coaching and training. I was the Scrum Master for the Transition Team as we transitioned nine Delivery Teams (7 to 10 people in each) from Waterfall development to Scrum development. I played a large hand in setting priorities and implementing organisational changes that took us towards agility. During this transition the net positive score for a survey of staff engagement and suitability of agile for grew from 54% in 2010, to 68% in 2011 and finally to 77% in 2012. Each time roughly 80% of staff completed the survey. The coaching that I provided during the transition Coaching was recognised a key aspect that lead to the successful transition. This coaching covered Management, Product Sponsors, Scrum Masters, Test Specialists, Development Specialists and Documentation Specialists (The Singleview framework ships with extensive technical documentation regarding its use, design, configuration and extensibility). I successfully did myself out of a job, by that I mean that I coached and educating the organisation to the point that they no longer needed my agile expertise.

EC3 Global, Scrum Master
August 2010 - November 2010, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
During my short stay I implemented Scrum into their development team, which was a match made in heaven with their existing use of XP technical practices. Additionally I used Mocking and other TDD practices to dramatically reduce the dependencies of their test suites.

The System Works, Scrum Master
February 2009 - July 2010, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Having delivering updated Business Banking functionality for the core Internet Banking product NetTeller; I moved onto joint lead of the development of Mobile Internet Banking. Mobile Banking was built in ASP & C#.Net 3.5. I was the Scrum Master and Technical Lead on the brand new Internet Banking product built in ASP.Net and C# v3.5. This version of the Internet Banking product was designed and built from the ground up with cross Core Banking System support. The change to Scrum from waterfall resulted in the successful delivery on NetTeller 5 Internet Banking for RAMS Home Loans. The success of this project landed TSWG another five years of work from RAMS Home Loans.

Man Investments, Software Developer
July 2008 - December 2008, London, London, United Kingdom
Pushing ahead with my proven delivery of world-class software on time and in budget; I thoroughly enjoyed working in the Agile (Scrum), Test Driven environment of the Regional Office System team at Man Investments. There I was rated in the peak of the top quality developers while developing a Reporting Service, several Web Services and an Enterprise Service Bus.


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