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Arne Joris


Solution architect, LegacyX software

Location: St. Albert, Alberta


Certified Scrum Product Owner



Arne Joris has worked in the high-tech sector in Europe and Canada since 1996. He has been a tester, release engineer, hardware lab technician, software developer, requirements analyst and product manager for products ranging from machine vision for semiconductor inspection to computer storage virtualization.

Like most graduating software engineers, he initially thought that the quality of the design and the code is what makes the difference between good and bad products, but has realized over time that these are only manifestations of the real differentiating factor: the quality of the product team. Financial and marketing considerations left aside, how the team is structured, how they communicate and how they make decisions are the single most important indicators for product success or failure.

As the requirements analyst for a team using agile principles to port firmware to a new platform and later as the product owner for a scrum team developing a new GUI with an extremely tight schedule, Arne has helped prove that SCRUM works. Software folks can be stubborn and may have a hard time seeing the big picture beyond their particular area, but they recognize that their skills can be complimented by others to create a super team that can accomplish things a traditional development environment never could. 


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