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Arpit Gautam


Engineer, Kronos

Location: India


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Scrum Alliance, Delhi Circle


I am a software developer working on enterprise application development using C,C++ and Java. I have worked with team ranging from ~3-40 people. I am developing with teams of individuals from last two years and been experimenting with various ways to do it right.Currently I am doing development using Java on JBoss and looking for ways to make my team fast, efficient and effective.

Articles I've written

Agile Performance Appraisals
We all do the crazy exercise of rating team members every year. And, looking back at a software development industry that's almost 50 years old, we know certain things for sure: Software is built by teams, not individuals. Moreoever, each individu...

Delivering Epics
As a product developer and ScrumMaster, you will eventually encounter those product owners who believe that the epics they initially created carry value as a whole. They will tell you that a story breakdown is great if it's working for the team, but they want you to deliver epics, not stories, for a release. . . .


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