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Akenius Bugges



Certified ScrumMaster



Akenius Bugges serves as Senior Level Consultant and Program Manager; coaching, training and mentoring individuals and corporations on Agile Framework.  He has strong background in IT software development and system integration.
He holds project management and Scrum Certifications.

Akenius has lead initiatives successfully utilizing Agile Framework and PMBOK/Water-fall methodologies. Managed on-shore,off-shore, and near shore resources to meet desired objectives. Held numerous leadership positions ranging from Senior Project Manager to Senior Director . Offers a broad range of experience in sales support, marketing, operations, software development, asset management, and project management.  Lead initiatives in the following sectors: Government, Energy/Oil &Gas, Telecommunications, Health-Care, web search & internet services. 

Akenius is a known as a strategic thinker,fair leader, with the "know-how" to design tactical solutions that meet the needs of the business and provide scaleability.   He has a unique talent for tackling and resolving business challenges, re-structuring failing projects and desperate teams turning projects into success and team members functional and high performing.


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