Victor Szalvay


Certified Scrum Trainer, CollabNet

Location: Seattle WA


Certified Scrum Trainer
Certified Scrum Professional
Registered Education Provider
Certified ScrumMaster


Victor Szalvay is a Scrum project and organizational management expert based on years of hands-on coaching and training experience, helping many global companies transition to Scrum. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer.

Victor currently leads product development for CollabNet's Orchestrate product. In that capacity, he works closely with customers, stakeholders, and the development teams to deliver high business value each release cycle. 


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Extended Education

  • CST Extended Education Course


  • Certified ScrumMaster


  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

Articles I've written

Glossary of Scrum Terms
This glossary of Scrum Terms was published in November 2005. As a community, do we need to make any changes or additions to this list?

Technical Debt for PMs
Technical debt describes the cumulative consequences of cutting corners in software development, but it escapes the attention of many project managers as they focus on scope and schedule. That’s a mistake because it impacts both. Here are questions to help you ascertain the real state of technical affairs.

Poisonous Scrum Anti-Patterns
My colleagues and I work with a number of organizations implementing agile and Scrum. We are starting to see patterns (and anti-patterns) emerge in the way in which many companies go about transitioning their products to Scrum. Two of these patter...