Vinay Asthana


Agile Technical Manager

Location: Washington, DC



Certified ScrumMaster


Vinay Asthana

Working with GDIT, providing technical guidance on using Agile priciples and implementations for the development team. Working as Agile Coach and Scrum master for the USCP.

Worked with Digicon as Agile Technical Lead/Manager, providing guidance and training in Agile Scrum processes.

Worked with USPTO providing coaching and guidance in Agile Scrum Methodology. Managed teams as Scrum Master.

Worked for VETS providing coaching and guidance in Agile Scrum methodology and implementation. Managed teams as Scrum master.

Worked as Enterprise Architect for ViPS, Inc. in Towson MD - Following SCRUM since May 2008. Managed teams as scrum master, was the facilitater for scrum of scrums.

Worked as Lead Application Architect for Choicepoint Government Services (Raytheon/FBI)

Worked as Lead Application Architect for Nortel Government Services (US Dept. of Education)

 Worked as Lead Systems Architect for Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shields of MD/DC




Work experience

July 2013 - January 2014, Herndon, VA, United States
• Provided technical leadership and serves as the Service Delivery Manager for all Digicon Application Engineering and development services including application strategy and planning, business mission and user requirements analysis, applications architecture and design, application development and testing and systems integration initiatives. • Served as the Technical Lead for the preparation and operations of Digicon USCIS Agile development teams. • Developed boot camp to coach the development teams with Agile Scrum practice and performance of development teams for development of Java based web application using frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and Maven for continuous integration. • Setup Development environment for the development team in anticipation of FADS award. • Work on drafting the Service Catalog for Digicon. Responsible for the talent acquisition for the USCIS FADS project and other projects supported by Digicon.

USPTO, Tech Lead/Scrum Master
May 2012 - May 2013, Alexandria, VA, United States
• Served as the Technical Lead for the Patents System Division (PSD) providing technical leadership and guidance for multiple projects. PSD was responsible for all the software applications being used at USPTO, or new development. To get a thorough understanding of the USPTO business, investigated how the Patent Application was filed at USPTO and written a white paper on the process of how a patent application was filed and the process and applications that were involved once a patent application was filed - listing the Automated Information Systems (AIS's) involved in hosting the patent application as it goes through pre-examination and examination. Projects at USPTO that had worked as Tech Lead included OACS, DMI (OACS/PALM/eDAN), Chinese Patents Search and Translations GPSN, CPC Database, PRS Thematic Goal and Text2PTO. • Worked on Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) Database project and Global Patent Search Network (GPSN) project which was making the Chinese Patents and their translations available on the Web in the Amazon Cloud environment as Tech lead. • Worked on identifying the issues with interface between OACS and PALM system, as well as EDAN and PALM system. Provided technical leadership to the project teams. During the DMI project work, worked with requirements analysis, design and coordination of testing with the support groups. Familiar with the SDLC process implemented at USPTO and drafted a Design Review Process that needs to be added to SDLC for enhancement of the quality of development by the outside vendors. For the CPC database project, was the Scrum Master, providing coaching and guidance to the development team and product owner to follow the Agile/Scrum Methodology. • Coached members on the use of Scrum tool Rally for the management of the Release, Iterations and Daily Scrum.

VETS, Scrum Master
October 2011 - February 2012, Washington, DC, United States
• Worked with Vets, Inc as Tech Lead/Scrum Master for Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare benefits application development. VETS was developing Enrollment and Eligibility System for Veterans Affairs. Project was being developed in Java, iLog jRules, Jboss, Oracle 10g and using Spring and Hibernate frameworks. • Led a team of 15 members, including developers, DBA, BA, CM and QA group. As the team was new to Scrum methodology, helping the team as Scrum Coach to train the team and management on Scrum Methodologies and ceremonies. Development was done using IBM WebSphere middleware, using Eclipse IDE, Maven Scripts and SVN for version control. Logging functionality was provided using Log4J framework and JUnit and TestNG framework for Test Driven Development. Database used was Oracle 10g, with Hibernate framework for Object Relational Mapping. Product was developed using the Spring framework. Scrum tools used Codesion/Scrum Works, Version One and finally VA approved Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer and Rational quality center for entire project management from requirements, development, to testing of the components. Scrum was followed for the project development. Responsible for coaching and implementing the Scrum methodology, including development of Product backlog, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum meetings, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective sessions. Each Scrum sprint was 4-week in duration.

VIPS, Scrum Master
March 2008 - March 2010, Towson , MD, United States
• Assigned to lead and provide guidance to ViPS product development for new product - SourceValue, powered by IntelliSource architecture. Lead multiple development teams through the requirements, design and development effort for IntelliSource. SourceValue was a Portal application providing ViPS customers a solution to their requirements for Business Intelligence reporting. IntelliSource was the backbone architecture for SourceValue product. IntelliSource was divided into multiple sub components, including Data Acquisition, Quality Measures processing, BPM Engine for managing business processes, ETL loads to Data Marts and Information Delivery system, which was responsible for user management, reporting engine and end user interface. Technology used in the development of IntelliSource - a Business Intelligence Solution for Insurance companies - was based on JBoss Application Server, JBoss Portal, SEAM Framework, Spring Framework, JPA/Hibernate, jBPM and EJB3. Software methodology implemented was Agile/Scrum for software lifecycle development. IntelliSource architecture provides complete support to the ViPS business intelligence products. Project team was new to Agile/Scrum so held training sessions and coached the team on Scrum methodologies. • Responsibilities included Architecture definition, design and implementation of IntelliSource and SourceValue. Additionally, responsible for leading the teams designing and creating the Data Marts handling large volume data for Informatics services layer and Scrum Master role. Also, responsible for defining the processes for design and development practices, enforcing process governance and cross cutting concerns across multiple teams. Put in place governance processes, to ensure teams were following the defined software lifecycle processes. Communicate with product management about the architectural decisions and presenting on a monthly (Scurm Sprints) basis - the progress of the development teams.