Suzanne Nottage



Certified ScrumMaster


Suzanne Nottage Working at Bupa (as part of a small but capable and enthusiastic team) to roll out and embed Agile for appropriate IT-related projects we deliver in the UK, plus look for opportunities to use Agile on non-IT projects. After a year of using Agile (Scrum + elements of DSDM + a lite touch PRINCE2 wrapper), it has moved from being a niche approach to being the default approach in some areas of our business. The key benefits we've seen have included the ability to respond to changing requirements more quickly, to deliver higher priority/value items earlier, and for our teams to work more productively. We still on the journey to become more Agile, but have made a lot of headway since we started.

Work experience

Bupa, Methods & Portfolio Analysis Manager
April 2008 - Present, London, United Kingdom
"Boldly going where no PMO has gone before..." OK, not quite. But in the past 3 years or so at Bupa I've been lucky enough to work on the 'exciting bits' related to Quality and PMO activities. Agile has been my primary focus for around the past 18 months. Prior to that my work has included developing a consistent approach to project estimating, rolling out and embedding a lite touch PRINCE2 for our project community, and ensuring that our methods (e.g. PRINCE2 and SDLC) are fit-for-purpose for our development teams. This involves stakeholder engagement, looking at established approaches in industry and adapting it to work effectively in our space. My team is focused on delivering value, so for each of these activities I've demonstrated financial and/or non-financial benefits once we have moved from the "as-is" to the "to-be".