Stephanie BySouth


Enterprise Lean Agile Coach, Innovation BySouth

Location: Australia


It is an honour to serve people through leadership, intelligence and insight that allows those people to transform themselves beyond their own expectations

Stephanie is currently following her two passions; Coaching coaches & Community Business, and is open to connecting to interested parties:

Coaching coaches is a great love of mine and i'm open to mentoring and pairing with coaches - practising and aspiring. Also come and join our Melbourne Agile Coaching Circle that the wonderful Chris Chan initiated

Community Business is also a hobby for me. Many of our community services are constructs of legacy government infrastructure but now have to compete within themselves to perform as competitive profitable business. Generally what is happening is organisations are focusing on costs and service cutting rather than means for proficiency and greatest value from lean systems. 


Stephanie has deep experience leading teams predominately at the forefront of .com start-ups and lean business such as; Telstra, Internode, REA Groups ( &, University of Melbourne Award Winning Multi-media Curriculum,, Classified Adventures, and with blue chip clients such as Australian Unity, Holden, Macquarie Bank, Hutchinson Telecommunications.

Since 2007 Stephanie embraced Kanban, Scrum and lead xp teams in lean business environments. Having done the hard yards as a PM, Consultant, Product Manager, and Head of IT in 2010 it was time to harness that experience - failures, tears, successes, awards and leap into coaching teams.




Work experience

Telstra, Lean Agile Coach - Agile COE Manager
May 2013 - Present, Melbourne, 3000, Australia
As the Operations & Shared Services Agile Manager I have designed an agile services operating model by combining the Lean House framework and business services as products model. I am accountable for leading our agile operational services within that framework which includes; - Strategy & Tactical Leadership - Creating & coaching the Lean Enterprise in O&SS - People Development - Collaboration Models & L.A.S.T. Coaching Placement - Delivery Value Streams & Flow - Organisational Change, Scaled Agile & LAST Coaching Services - Continuous Improvement Coaching & Support - Creating & Integrating enterprise cadence & metrics - Lean Enterprise Foundation - L.A.S.T. Coaching & support services