Rajeswari (Raje) Kailasam


Agile Immersionist, Indigo /Influence Corp

Location: San Antonio, TX


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified ScrumMaster

Groups I belong to

Agile Chennai

Alamo Agilistas


Rajeswari (Raje) Kailasam commented on the article, "Why Shouldn't I Show Half-Complete Stories in the Sprint Review?"


Raje engages with clients as a participant, listener, learner, collaborator, facilitator, trainer and a mentor during their Agile adoption and transformation journeys.

Mentor: Collaborates with Agile Evangelists, Scrum Masters, Scrum Practitioners and stake holders to enable a deeper understanding of the principles and practices of Agile / Scrum / Lean and Kanban. Many of these sessions are workshops for medium to small groups or one-on-one sessions using leading industry techniques and tools like Net-map Toolbox, LeanCoffee, Personalkanban, DesignStudio and Thinkstorm. These sessions help individuals to assimilate and absorb organization and culture change at their pace and in their style of understanding.

Trainer: Experienced in actively engaging participants in a two day sit down Scrum foundation classes; Class formats includes theories, workshops, interactive games that provides a tool set for trainees to use at work immediately.

Coach: One aspect of her coaching is focused on moulding team leaders to deep dive into their personal tool kit and discover their strengths which in turn contribute to being a great Scrum Practitioner. Work with business to help them understand Agile Product Management and the nuances of developing roadmaps, journeys and priorities. Enable Scrum Masters to resolve impediments / escalate tactfully; Work both with people driven and metrics driven leaders to help them understand productivity gains, interpret and dynamically adapt from iteration radiators (burndown charts, feedback from retrospectives, visual or electronic card walls);

Additionally Rajes' deep engagement with Agile (CSP /CSPO /CSPM), product (Pragmatic certified Product Management) process (CMMI), project management (PMP) background builds confidence in her skills and inspires her clients to “Be Agile” rather than just “Do Agile”.

Work experience

Indigo, Principal Consultant
March 2005 - Present, San Antonio, TX, United States

As the principal consultant at Indigo Healthcare I am involved in the following: 1. Provide Healthcare IT Consulting in Project Management, Process Management, Agile Transitions, Agile adoptions. My capabilities include - Agile (Scrum implementation), Agile coaching and mentoring, Agile transitions.

Articles I've written

Scrum Master: Being Aware
It is now common for team members to step into the role of ScrumMaster. They have figured out how to facilitate/navigate through ceremonies, know to create the right artifacts at the right time, and have learned to escalate the ideal issues to the right audience. But does that make them true ScrumMasters?