Makarand Purohit


Project Leader, Elucido Media Networks

Location: Bangalore, India



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


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Makarand Purohit

A competent Technocrat with Scrum Master and Scrum Professional (CSM, CSP) Certification and a dynamic IT professional with 7 plus years of experience.

Delivery oriented track record of Project Delivery Coordination, Software Development Cycle in Agile methodology and Stakeholder/Customer management for Digital Signage and Web based applications for the Education sector.

Accomplished in estimation and planning practices like Planning poker, Value-Cost-Risk relation calculation for priority assignment and MoSCoW (for PO), Schedule buffers, Feature buffers, Work capacity, Estimation Efficiency, Efficiency at Scale,etc.

Passionate in engaging the whole team in the best agile practices (CI, TDD, BDD, Pair programming, buddy Structures and the like) for team development as well as development process.

Being a certified Scrum Master ensuring the importance of agile artefacts (Backlogs, burn downs, Sprint boards, mailbox and the like) and the benefits that they bring to the team, the PO and the stakeholders.

Adept at Team Management Skills like feedback, skill upgrade, competence management, , motivation & mentoring of the team. Facilitating frequent brown bag sessions to keep he whole team abreast with the technology and best practices.

Cohesive Team Player with Fast Learning Curve along with strong analytical, problem solving, innovation, planning, organizational, communication & interpersonal skills

I am constantly looking for bigger challenges in agile project delivery.

Work experience

Elucido Media Networks, Project Leader
August 2008 - Present, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Role: ScrumMaster

Designation: Project Leader

Period: April 2011 till date


Accountable to lead the team in agile product development, ensuring Scrum framework sanity

Conduct brownbag sessions for team members, Stake holders and other departments on the benefits that Agile holds for them

Collaborating closely with the Product Owner and facilitate creation and maintaining of the prioritized product backlog

Facilitating ReleasePlanning (Poker) and Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-up meetings, Backlog grooming sessions, Reviews and Retrospectives

Ensuring that the Information Radiators(Burn down charts, Task board, Build results, Automated test results) are up to date and highly visible

Ensuring that the impediments are addressed immediately enabling the team make steady predictable progress

Assisting the PO make Velocity predictions, Release estimates and in prioritizing backlog items using Kano Analysis, Karl Weiger's method and Risk-value relation

Conduct brownbag sessions on setting up, maintaining and using the CI tools (Cruise Control), Test Automation tools (Jmeter) and web application servers (Tomcat) for new team members

Keeping track of the Velocity, work capacity, Focus Factor, Estimation accuracy on Sacle, Percentage of Found and adopted work to gain useful insights and bring them up in retrospectives for the team to self organize around




Elucido Learning and Collaboration System (ELCS) is a software platform that provides a complete classroom solution, where boundaries of the classroom may extend across the globe. Although the students may be physically present across multiple locations, ELCS provides an atmosphere of a connected class with its interaction and collaboration capabilities.

Client: Landmark Institute for Skills Training (LIST) (

Team Size: 8

Duration: 14 months

Initial deployment: After 3 Sprints

Incremental delivery in 4 installments

Sprint lenght: 4 weeks

2. Video wall Contol Interface on an I-Pad


A video wall is a collection of High definition displays that can be used as a single Display. This project used a full HD 2x2 video wall with an effective resolution of 3840 x 2160. The Presenter has an I-pad to control the content to be displayed on the Video wall. This system helped the client do away with a lot of Printed Presentation material (Big banners,etc) and ensured that the Audience attention is constantly captured.

Client: TVS motor company (TVS) (

Team Size: 7

Duration: 4 months

Initial Deployment: After 4 Sprints

Sprint Length: 2 weeks

3. Kiosk Based Digital


The gallery consists of 4 different Digital Information boards. There is a Kiosk at the center of the gallery. The controller application is run on the kiosk. It enables the Teacher to control the contents displayed on each of the Signage.

It also offers a staffroom web-interface for the Teacher to provision the content for the gallery entities.


Client: Excel Public School (

Team Size: 8

Duration: 6 months

Initial Deployment: After 6 Sprints

Sprint Length: 2 weeks


SLF Technologies, Software Engineer
July 2006 - July 2008, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

  Reported to the Director Engineering as individual contributor in solution/product development projects.

  Engaged in all phases of development cycle from analysis, Design, Development and testing of modules.

  Responsible for coordination with Client Engineering teams for Integration.

  Involved in Peer Code reviews as well as in code optimization for memory and processor cycles.

  Coordinating with the Client QA for Field testing and Pilots.

  Provided Project Documentation (Design docs, User manuals, Trouble shooting guides, etc).