Michael DePaoli


Lead Agile Program Manager, Opower

Location: SF Bay Area, CA


Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified ScrumMaster


Michael DePaoli commented on the article, "The "RICCH-Knowledge" of a ScrumMaster"


Michael DePaoli has been contributing to the IT community for 26 years and practicing agile and lean approaches to software development since 1996.  He gained his experience working in roles from programmer to product manager to CTO in companies like Adobe Systems, American Express, AOL, Deloitte Consulting, NetApp, Sapient and Sprint.  Michael has experience working both within companies and for 4 years as external consultant / coach helping companies to plan and manage the execution of agile / lean change initiatives.

 Michael’s area of expertise is helping organizations craft holistic agile transformation approaches that not only educate and establish agile and lean values, principles and practices to begin an agile / lean transformation but also to craft a strategy for the change needed to successfully scale and integrate agile within an organization.  Michael has keen interest in applying complex theory thinking with an interdisciplinary studies approach to his work. 

To further the practice of Scrum, Mike is looking at ways to include SDI as part of a “Quick Start to Success” program for getting product development teams going on Scrum.  When there is understanding, trust and respect in a team environment openness blooms and true collaboration and synergy begins.

He has spoken domestically and internationally at agile and lean conferences (most recently, Agile 2011 in Salt Lake City and Agiles 2011 in Buenos Aires)  and shares he his thoughts in his blog “The Agile Horizon” which can be found at http://blog.versionone.com/blog/the-agile-horizon