Lee Cunningham


Agile Consultant, Trainer, and Coach, VersionOne

Location: Jacksonville, FL


Certified ScrumMaster


Lee Cunningham is an experienced Agile coach and trainer who is passionate about working with organizations and individual teams to help them consistently deliver high-value, high-quality software.   He has served in many different traditional roles, including analyst, software engineer, development manager, QA manager, release manager, project manager, and program manager. 

Lee's journey into Agile began quite organically, as he implemented common sense practices to empower teams under his leadership while involving the “business” more in the decision-making and the delivery process.  Lee is energized by working with people at all organizational levels to help make Agile practices relevant and effective.  He typically works with several different groups each month, consulting, training, and coaching.

Before entering the IT domain, Lee served in the United States Air Force and subsequently spent several years in commercial real estate investment analysis.  He lives with his wife and children in Jacksonville, Florida.