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Joe Mikolajczak Currently I'm working for a gaming company that builds slot machines. Fairly recently, they started to look at methodologies that would help them on the road to improving processes. Intuitively, Scrum does that for me because my career has been with process improvement in various environments (that are not restricted to software) and in different industries. I've been in regulated and structured industries; government support and commercial; structured and relaxed; high risk and low risk; and manufacturing and development. Simplicity has always been the key that works for me. My education includes a bachelor degree in Mathematics with a heavy minor in Statistics, a MBA, and various courses and training specific to areas where I was focusing at the time. I've had certifications as CQE in ASQ, and PMP with PMI; however, these are no longer current. Now, with a CSM with ScrumAlliance I'm having more fun now than I've had in years and I look forward to continuing the fun.