Juanma Gomez


Agile Coach, OdigeO

Location: Madrid, Spain


Juanma Gomez is an Agile enthusiast. I met Agile when I arrived my current company, Odigeo, in April 2011. At this moment, I felt in love with the principles of Scrum and, some time after that, with all principles related to Agile development. In September 2011, I became a CSM. 

In 2012 I organized several Agile meetings, like Open Spaces, and was a member of the CAS 2012 organization committee, a set of conferences around the Agile world in Spain. 

Nowadays, I am a board member of Agile Spain organization and Agile Coach at Odigeo.


Work experience

Odigeo, Agile Coach
January 2013 - Present, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain
In January 2013 I became an Agile Coach at Odigeo. From this moment, I started to work with all our development teams in Madrid and the business people training Product Owners. As part of my daily work, I assist other Scrum Masters improving their skills, assist business people designing and thinking on the products that we'll create looking for the best restults for our customers. Also, I'm responsible of our Scrum implementation and our inner trainings.

Odigeo, Scrum Master
July 2012 - December 2012, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain
In July 2012, I became the Scrum Master of two teams. Some months ago, I started to be an active person in the Agile movement in Madrid and an Agile Spain board member. In this period, I assisted teams improving their productivity towards Agile and Scrum (in particular) principles.

Odigeo, Java Developer
April 2011 - June 2012, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain
I started to work on Odigeo as a Java developer. This was my first time in an Agile environment. Since that, I worked hard to became an Agile developer and learn all that I could from Scrum principles.

Articles I've written

Why Developing Software Is Similar to Visiting a Museum
With the experience that I now have in software development, I realized that visiting a museum has a lot of things in common with the software development world. When we start planning to visit a museum (or some kind of art exhibition), we need to take some concepts into account. Yes, I’m talking about . . .