Jörgen Fors PMP


Release Project Manager, Ericsson AB

Location: Karlskrona, Sweden

+46-761 00 62 80


Certified ScrumMaster


Senior Project Manager with Mandator, a northern european IT/Telecoms-consultancy firm. I have my background within the swedish navy, as an electronics technician, and several years with Ericsson AB.

Professionaly I have evolved from electronics via process engineering and quality management into project management. I currently work as a operative project manager, while at the same time occasionally giving lectures, performing project audits and acting as a mentor for others internally and with clients.

My current position also involves responsibility for internal Projectivity concept development (Projectivity = The capability of an organisation to utilise the project work form, to reach it's business goals).

Some of my experiences include traditional PM-models, such as PROPS and PM-BoK, ISO standards 9001 and 10006, SW-CMM. But also Scrum of course. I hold a PMP certification, along with being a certified srummaster.

One of my main interests as a PM lies with leadership and the interaction with others, something I feel becomes more and more important for each project I run.

Articles I've written

Scrum and Group Dynamics
Do theories of group dynamics offer insight into why some Scrum teams succeed while others seem only to struggle? Jörgen Fors thinks so. Find out why he believes learning more about FIRO and RAT could help your team.