Christophe KEROMEN


Location: France


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Registered Education Provider
Certified ScrumMaster

My Courses

Extended Education
13-14 October, 2014
Location: Paris, France

Extended Education
8-9 December, 2014
Location: Paris, France

Groups I belong to


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Approved Courses


  • Certified Scrum Developer: Agile Engineering Practices Advanced - 3 day (Technical)
  • Certified Scrum Developer: Agile Software Development and Practices - 5 day (Technical, Intro, Elective)
  • Test Driven Development (Elective)

Extended Education

  • Agile: The Fundamentals
  • CST Extended Education Course


  • Certified ScrumMaster


  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

Work experience

CKTI, Consultant
January 2010 - Present, , France

- 2010 until now, Agile trainer and coach:

co-organizator of Agile Tour Vannes (France) and animator of Agile Morbihan

animated several workshops for Agile Morbihan (France), local agile User Group

attended CSM course in March 2012, CSPO in March 2013

2013: co-author of a french book, written in bookSprint mode: "Petit guide de management lean à l'usage des équipes agiles" :

Trained to TDD and JavaScript by UT7 in April

ScrumMaster - Kanban coach on a project from May to July 2012 with Laurent Morisseau (CSC)

Given lot of trainings for Agilbee (directed by Patrice Petit CST): Agile fundamentals, Scrum fundamentals, Agile Teams, Becoming a Product Owner, Becoming a ScrumMaster, Leading Agile Change, Scrum Refresh (for Microsoft teams)…

Participated  as speaker at different events: ScrumDay, Agile Tour, Agile France, Agile Games France

Attended several Agile events: ScrumDay, Agile Tour, Agile France, Lean-Kanban Paris, Agile Games France

- 2010-2011:

training and consulting on 4D and Adobe Flex projects

created and animated a Flex User Group in Brittany (France)

coaching several mobile projects, written a book on developing mobile apps with Adobe Flex (

CTO of Mioozic, a startup  for streaming music platform

4D SAS, Product Owner
January 2008 - December 2009, , France

4D is a french Software editor ( with subsidiaries in different countries, like U.S.


I've been Product Owner for three products :

- 4D for Flex, a SQL driver for connecting Flex front-end apps to 4D backends. Introduced evolutive Design and Pair-Design with developer in front of the paper-board

- 4D new version, was v12 at the time. Building the backlog with stakeholders, leading the initial planning. Working closely with developers.

- designing a new product which became Wakanda ( Elaborated the vision with the chairman. Recruited new people, have them work alltogether, put emphasis on automated testing.

And I was also Technical Evangelist, presenting the products in different events and countries.

CKTI, Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, Developer
October 1987 - December 2007, , France

Developed Business Applications on 4D platform since 1987.

Used RAD method first (1990-2000) then added practises from eXtreme Programming starting from 2001.

Co-written two books and plenty of technical notes and articles on 4D topic, given lot of trainings.

Created a training 4D and agility in 2004. 

Have been a Trainer for the editor 4D Company since 1999. Using pair-progamming in my training workshops.

Specialized since 2000 of interconnecting 4D with other systems, especially with XML and Web Services.