Brian Bellville


Scrum Master/Product Owner/Sr. Consultant, Merlin International/VHA

Location: Atlanta, GA



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster

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Greetings. I am an experienced Certified Scrum Master and Agilest with about four years’ experience in SCRUM and SCRUM/Kanban Methodologies. Previously, I was a Software Developer and a Business/Systems Analyst with about 20 years’ experience in telecommunications, Aeronautics, Construction Engineering, and Healthcare. Lately I have been challenged with projects as a Project Manager, Process Manager, Project Coordinator, Product Owner, and Scrum Master & Coach. During this time, I have utilized various methods and tool sets in order to meet our stakeholder’s needs. Becoming Agile, especially learning Scrum and Kanban, was like a breath of renewed fresh air, especially for those underfunded, over scoped feature sets for prior projects teams I participated in. It was a spark that re-opened my mind to new aspects of Software Engineering. It has become one of my more exciting tools that I utilize to accomplish meeting business needs. I look forward to the challenges that the future will present as I seek certification as a Scrum Coach.


Work experience

Merlin International/VHA/VBA, Scrum Master/Project Co-Ordinator
October 2007 - Present, Atlanta, GA, United States
Scrum Master/Coach Responsibilities: •Coaching and enacting Scrum Values and Practices (proctor Scrum Meetings, measuring and reporting velocity, and burn down of labor efforts) •Identify and remove impediments (adapt and overcome) •Ensure that the teams are cross functional, self-organizing, self-managing, and productive •Enable cooperation across all roles and functions •Shield the team from external interferences and promote a positive, continuous learning atmosphere