Arijit Sarbagna


Agile Evangelist, AgileCoE

Location: Pune, Maharashtra/India


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Arijit Sarbagna commented on the article, "Why Use a Definition of Done in an Agile Project?"

Arijit Sarbagna commented on the article, "Thou Shalt Use Pure Scrum"

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Arijit Sarbagna commented on the article, "Prescriptive Scrum"

Arijit Sarbagna commented on the article, "Thou Shalt Use Pure Scrum"


Project Management professional with over 15 years (& 6+ years of Project & Program Management & over 4 years of Agile Coaching) experience, strong customer service attitude, exceptional organizational ability and communication skills.

Core competencies include:

* Agile Project Management (Scrum/XP/Kanban)
* Program Management (cross location)
* Delivery Management
* Team Building/Training/Development
* Internet/Social Media business consultancy
* Operation Management


* Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
* Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)
* Professional Scrum Master (PSM I)
* Skillsoft certified: Agile Project Manager
* Six Sigma Green Belt
* Brainbench certified: Product Manager
* Brainbench certified: Project Manager

ScrumAlliance Profile:


Agile Development Roll-out
Agile Training & Consulting
New Business Start-up
Quality Management
Product Management
Internet Business Development
General Management

Articles I've written

Agile Architecture: How Much Is Just Enough?
Agile has been here for some time, but confusion still floats around when we discuss Agile architecture. We hear, "Don't do up-front design" — which is often counteracted by the fact that if we don't do the design early, how can we proceed w...

Approaching Agile Testing
As we know, "Agile testing" is not a completely different testing procedure but a software testing practice, following the principles of the Agile life cycle. How? Its most salient aspect is that it emphasizes testing and close work with the e...

Prescriptive Scrum
If you practice Agile, you must have come across the ever-new demon called "Prescriptive Scrum." What is this, actually? What are its symptoms?

ROI from INVEST-ing
INVEST is a pretty popular mnemonic used in Agile world, and it is "tried" widely. If we may draw an analogy, INVEST is actually an investment and can give you true ROI -- provided you have used it properly. But do we really do so?

Thou Shalt Use Pure Scrum
If pure Scrum works for our project -- voila! Nothing could be better than this. But the fact is, in real life we come across situations and projects where pure play doesn't seem to work, and we need to "inspect and adapt."

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