Ana Riveros (CSM, PMP, MBA)



Certified ScrumMaster

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Agile Denver


Innovative, resourceful and multilingual IT professional offers distinguished 15+ year career delivering best-in-class systems within highly competitive and diversified international markets. A C-level collaborator and synergist with unassailable persuasive communication skills, qualified to cultivate trust, unify stakeholders and lead cross-functional teams across multiple continents. Possess resolute determination, problem-solving ability and diplomacy to effectively deliver multiple, mission-critical projects on-time and on-budget. Highly trusted for tireless work ethic, strategic acumen, tactical expertise, and visualizing opportunities. Charismatic leader with extensive cross-cultural and international experience, committed to promoting team values and leveraging core expertise in: ~ Business/IT Alignment ~ Strategic Planning & Execution ~ Vendor & Client Relations ~ Expert Negotiation ~ Process Design Improvement ~ Globally Diversified Perspective ~ ISO Quality Management ~ Leadership Coaching & Mentoring ~ IT Governance & Communication