Andrew Kazarinoff


Principal, Qualytic Consulting - Agile Methods for High Performance

Location: New York, NY


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster

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NYC Scrum User Group


Andrew Kazarinoff - Agile Coach and Trainer

Successfully leading Agile transformations -- Scrum and Kanban supported by XP engineering practices and Lean techniques.  Coaching senior management on enterprise Agile adoption.  Coaching and leading teams to high productivity.  Skilled training workshop leader and course developer.  Agile metrics expert.  Agile maturity audit experience.  Financial industry and consulting background and structured methodology experience.  Certified Scrum Professional (CSP/CSM). 

 Scrum Projects since 2008:

COLLABNET, Scrum Coach

Raising the maturity of Scrum adoption by The Coca-Cola Company's Freestyle project teams.  Building collaboration between software development, manufacturing, and the business to support robust release and resource planning.  Helping to enable cross-product coordination to leverage reusability.  Encouraging integration of solid engineering practices to improve code quality.  Working with senior management to address organizational anti-patterns.

TIAA-CREF, Scrum Coach

 In the Asset Management group, coached teams to adopt Scrum practices and Agile mindset with a focus on business purpose.  Developed structures for process metrics and Scrum maturity assessments.  Coached and trained a team of inexperienced internal and vendor technical and business people in a first-time launch of a Scrum project that rapidly reached a productive state.

Results:  Teams are moving from compliance toward full adoption, with higher morale.

Trillium Solutions Group, Agile Coach                                                                               

 For a market-leading communications company developing structured methods of BYOD management, designed an Agile transition model and action plan.  Assisted teams in effective product backlog definition and release planning.  Designed a metrics framework and a capability for progress tracking and reporting.  Defined a Rally structure for transparency of progress on working software. 

Results:   Improved ability to meet product release commitments.

Express Scripts (Medco), Scrum Coach and ScrumMaster                                                                        

Facilitated enterprise integration of Scrum into a traditional development environment for this giant pharmacy benefit manager.  Coached and trained globally distributed business and technical teams on strong vision definition and product roadmap development, rigorous release and sprint planning, robust testing practices, and mindful retrospectives.  Advanced the organization's competence in use of Rally.  Founding member of an Agile metrics leadership group.  Applied Agile maturity audit methods.  Mentored new scrum masters.  

Results:   Energized offshore and onshore teams through self-organization and a focus on business goals.  Collaboration between business and delivery teams is steadily increasing productivity.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Scrum Coach                                                                   

Led an enterprise Scrum rollout.  Began by defining transformation milestones to engage executive management.  Formed and coached a product coordination team to communicate a product vision and roadmap.  Designed courseware and delivered training to Product Owners and ScrumMasters.  Coached teams to reach high productivity by self-organizing and understanding “ready” and “done.”  Developed Agile maturity audits to address dysfunctions.

 Implemented concurrent testing to minimize technical debt.  Drove adoption of jUnit and nUnit.  Steered installation of continuous-integration tools (Subversion, Maven, Hudson, Nexus) and code analysis tools (Checkstyle, Cobertura, Sonar) .  Set up a metrics framework to support coaching.  Transformed the participation of business system owners in release planning and in sprint reviews and retrospectives. 

Results: Scrum is firmly embedded.  Teams are delivering significant business value.  The culture has embraced collaboration and continuous improvement.

Bowne & Co., Inc., ScrumMaster                                                                             

Improved the effectiveness of Scrum on a project creating a web-based financial content management system.  Led the project as ScrumMaster.  Trained and coached a distributed team of developers and testers to improve productivity.  Coached the Product Owner on product backlog definition and grooming, and on story and acceptance criteria clarity.

 Initiated robust testing disciplines and drove adoption of automated testing.  Aligned sprint planning, retrospectives, and daily scrums with accepted Scrum practices.  Coached the team and Product Owner on collaboration and self-organization.

 Results:  Achieved adoption of Scrum practices for high productivity. The team doubled delivery of useful functionality without adding technical debt.

Integra Technology Consulting Corp., Scrum Coach and Trainer                                                            

Launched Scrum to accelerate development of a data mining application.  Developed courseware and trained managers and developers in distributed teams.  Coached and mentored a senior executive in the Product Owner role.  Coached and mentored a technical lead and a project manager transitioning into ScrumMaster roles.  Put engineering practices in place:  coding standard, single code base, test-first development, refactoring, code reviews.

 Results: A development organization that delivered more useful functionality in the first month than in six months prior to Scrum, and was able to sustain a high-productive state. 

Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Scrum Evangelist                                                        

As Agile evangelist in an information security group, introduced Scrum practices into mobile-device protection projects.  Facilitated adoption of the Scrum framework and practices through formal orientations and intensive coaching of project teams. Reconciled Scrum practices with enterprise project lifecycle standards.  Coached the group manager on Agile collaboration and self-organization.

 Results: Faster project startups, daily focus on project work, less waste from task switching, and Agile collaboration practices. Conventional projects have also adopted key Agile principles. 

Work experience

TIAA-CREF, Scrum Coach
March 2013 - June 2013, New York, New York, United States

Scrum Coach for 3 experienced teams and one start-up team.

Trillium Solutions, Agile Coach
October 2012 - December 2012, Chicago, IL, United States
Designed an Agile transition model and action plan. Assisted teams in effective product backlog definition and release planning.

Express Scripts / Medco, Scrum Coach / Senior ScrumMaster
September 2011 - August 2012, , United States
Accelerating adoption of Scrum.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Scrum Coach
August 2010 - March 2011, Topeka, KS, United States
Coached an enterprise-wide rollout of Scrum in an insurance company, supported by engineering practices. Scrum enabled a fast ramp-up to productive work and accelerated application development in preparation for a new competitive landscape shaped by legislation.

Integra, ScrumMaster and Coach
April 2010 - July 2010, Waltham, MA, United States
Launched Scrum to accelerate development of data mining software. Developed courseware and trained managers and developers in distributed teams of 6 and 10 people.

Bowne & Co., ScrumMaster and Coach
November 2009 - March 2010, New York, NY, United States
Brought the Scrum framework into a project creating a web-based financial content management system. Led the project as ScrumMaster. Trained and coached a distributed team of developers and testers to improve productivity.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York,
November 2008 - February 2009, New York, NY, United States
As Agile advocate in an information security group, successfully introduced Scrum practices. Facilitated adoption of the Scrum framework and practices through formal orientations and intensive coaching of project teams.

UBS AG, Sr. PMO Analyst
June 2007 - March 2008, Jersey City, NJ, United States
Created and managed initiatives for project process improvement. Initiated peer reviews that revealed improvement opportunities in workflows, project asset management, resource planning, and tool integration.

City of New York, FISA, Sr. PMO Analyst
November 2005 - June 2007, New York, NY, United States
Drove process improvement on a $350-million project with 20 workstreams. Achieved greater transparency and repeatability. Created and published performance metrics and alerts.

JP Morgan Chase, Director - PMO
December 2003 - June 2005, New York, NY, United States
Set up a PMO and transformed the organization’s approach to software development. Adapted Agile methods including daily stand-ups and close customer collaboration.

Morgan Stanley,
March 2003 - August 2003, New York, NY, United States
On a $300 million project with 26 workstreams converting a fixed-income trading platform, achieved adoption of effective scheduling practices and resource planning disciplines.

Peregrine Systems, Engagement Manager
September 2001 - June 2002, New York, NY, United States
For an information infrastructure supplier, led a successful Agile project to develop a new service management application. Incremental releases, concurrent testing, on-site customer proxy, daily builds, single code base, and test-driven development.