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Sean Moir


Owner, Facilligent Ltd

Location: Swindon, England


Certified ScrumMaster



An Agile Coach and Certified ScrumMaster who provides guidance and support for the uptake of Agile Principles, Processes and Practices within Software Project Management and Development. Helps organisations wishing to make the transition to, or improve their Agility.

A focussed and self motivated software team leader who invests personal resources into furthering knowledge breadth and depth.

I am an active member in various Scrum, Agile and Programming MeetUp groups. I am a founder member of Swindon Agile Practitioners MeetUp group and I’m active in the following groups; Agile Coaching Exchange (London), Agile Evangelists (London), Agile Practitioners (London), Bath Scrum User Group (Bath & Bristol), Chippenham Tech Chat, Newbury Software Programmers, South West Lean Innovation (Bristol), Cheltenham Geek Nights. I have delivered a Lightning Talks at Agile On The Beach 2013 conference and at Bath Scrum User Group. I created and presented a learning game at Kanban Coaching Exchange and eXtreme Tuesday Club and will be presenting this at Agile On The Beach 2014 conference.

Work experience

PWG Trading Group, Agile Coach (Freelance)
October 2013 - Present, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Sean has provided theory and practical support for Management and Development teams. Through presentation and game centric workshops, he provided an introduction to Agile values and principles and the benefits of applying them. The Developers were then introduced to underlying theory through presentation and workshop exercises which allowed them to understand how they could achieve their goals using the values and principles. On site coaching is helping the team, software and overall business become more adaptive.

Travis Perkins PLC, Senior Software Engineer, Agile Coach, Scrum Master
December 2010 - March 2013, Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Sean accepted the challenge of joining a recently formed, chaotic Development team. The team had been creating a replacement Back Office system, some web services which allowed communications with Travis Perkins HQ, and supporting other legacy systems such as the Wickes till. He had previously been introduced to some of the concepts of Agile at a DSDM conference in 2006 and had since liked the idea of timeboxing prioritised work items. In this role, Sean read up further on Agile and it became clear that lots of the XP practices I'd heard about support the management style of Scrum. He persuaded his Project Manager that Scrum might help to solve some of the issues which we were facing. With the Project Manager initially acting as Product Owner, Sean helped the Project Manager create a Product Backlog. Sean took on the ScrumMaster and Scrum Coach roles. He introduced the team to Scrum and they were mostly keen to try it. There was some initial resistance and wariness to the new ways of working since some of them seem counter intuitive - particularly TDD and Pair Programming. Through some theory sessions, Kata exercises, and by working through real life issues with the team, they gradually felt more confident and more convinced that this was indeed an improved way of operating. Skills which Sean introduced; Consistent use of Source Control Clean Code Unit Testing TDD Refactoring Pair Programming SOLID Design Principles Increased use of abstract interfaces to allow loose coupling Use of programming patterns Feature switches Working towards Build Automation - large amount of technical debt in this area for VB6 Consistent Rollout/Rollback procedures Later on the team started BDD as well using FitNesse


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