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Rajat Bhalla


Agile Coach and Delivery Lead

Location: Melbourne, Australia


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



  • More than 12 years of experience in the software industry in roles ranging from Software Developer to leadership roles in Product/ Project Management
  • Strong understanding of Agile Framework and Delivery
  • Led multiple teams (up to 4 with a combined strength of about 35) on award winning, highly commended products/ projects
  • Created Agile based development and delivery processes
  • Backed by strong credentials in Agile (CSP, CSM), Management (MBA), and Information Technology (Bachelors in Information Technology)
  • Identified as an A+ player under the Top-grading process at Appster
  • Passionate individual and respected leader who strives for excellence and greater good in personal and professional capacities

Articles I've written

Becoming a Certified Scrum Professional
Considering the increasing number of companies practicing Agile, getting a ScrumMaster on the rolls has almost become mandatory. Consequently, lot of people (including PMPs) are getting themselves certified as ScrumMasters (or Certified Scrum Deve...

If Scrum Were a Motorbike
Scrum and motorbikes: two things that I am very passionate about. Subconsciously, I could sense a parallel between them. When I actively thought about it, the picture became clearer. Consider the team (developers, UI designers, testers) in Scrum....

Detailing Backlog Appropriately
On one of the projects I am currently managing, I noticed that the product backlog was actually growing rather than shrinking as we progressed through sprints. At one point, there were close to 150 stories in the backlog, all detailed and ready for planning. . . . There was something definitely going wrong.

Better Sprint Planning
Let's look in depth at the steps of a sprint planning meeting, what makes them fruitful, and the Five Commandments for successful sprint planning.


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