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Mariet Visser


Agile Coach, agile42

Location: Cape Town



Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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South Africa


I had absolutely no knowledge of Agile, and even initially hearing about Scrum, I was still in the dark about what agile truly was all about. It was a colleague of mine whom started talking to me about Scrum, and at the time, just enough to get me minimally curious about the subject.

Together we decided it's something we should gain more knowledge on, and possibly even try out in our organisation. So, we signed up for the CSM course, with the intention to learn more about the subject and decide whereto from there...

Wasn't I pleasantly surprised, we attended CSM, and not after the course, not even after the first day, but minutes after starting, I was hooked. It's amazing how this world had been "unknown" to me, and my colleagues, in the sense of it all, until May 2011. Since then, I haven't ever looked back, and neither have they.

In Aug 2011 we took yet another step, attending the CSPO course. A lot of the CSM teachings were revisited, refreshing our knowlegde gain from the previous course, but yet we continued to learn.

One of the greatest experiences was the sharing & learning with others whom are just as intrigued as you are.

Exploring different ways in approaching the same situation, becoming more efficient and just overall better at it.


It's now 2017, and boy have I come to learn, I've experienced, grown and it is ever continuous.

My interests have expanded & I've become seriously passionate about truly being agile, following the Agile values & principles, together with unlocking the potential of the Kanban principles & practices, and where the situation is right, following the Scrum framework.

Best advice I can give anyone, read, read & read some more, I guarantee that you too will become intrigued by it, later unable / not wanting to go back to that which you might have known & been comfortable with before.


Work experience

agile42, Agile Coach
January 2017 - Present, Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA
I am currently an Agile coach at agile42. I am passionate about helping teams & organisations grow & succeed in their Agile journey. You can see more at:

Spry Agility, Agile Coach
January 2016 - December 2016, Johannesburg, Gauteng
• Apply the Agile Values & Principles at all times • Be a servant-leader • Have excellent facilitation, communication and interpersonal skills • Apply my extensive experience of Agile in teams & organisations across projects • Assist & influence teams & organisations to improve continuously • Provide 1-2-1 Agile Coaching to team members, and across the organisation where necessary • Raise impediments, risks and issues as early as possible • Help remove impediments • Be an information radiator, bring about visibility & transparency • Trust the team to make the best decisions possible based on the information available & provide guidance where necessary • Prioritise my work to maximise value • Do that which brings about most value to the team • Be committed to continuous improvement.

DStv Online, Process Manager / Agile Coach
July 2014 - January 2016, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa
• Line manager to all Scrum Masters in the organisation • Manage the recruitment process of all Scrum Masters in the organisation • Drive the organisation-wide agile transformation • Design and deliver transformational agile training • Coach development teams, product owners, scrum masters and managers on applying agile principles to their specific products and work environment • Embrace servant leadership and demonstrate behaviours in line with agile principles • Observe the different streams and make recommendations to teams and management for improvements. • Establish yourself as a thought leader in the agile community through speaking and being active in the community • Identify opportunities to continuously optimise and improve throughout the organisation

DStv Online, Scrum Master
July 2013 - June 2014, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa
• Organize and facilitate daily stand-up ceremonies, reviews, retrospectives, sprint and release planning, as well as any other meetings required by the team throughout the sprint. • Keep track of team velocity and sprint/release progress (using burndowns and charts). • Draw statistics on teams where required, in terms of bug count, lead and cycle times (Kanban), etc. • Ensure the development teams are practicing the core agile principles of collaboration, prioritisation, self-organisation and visibility. • Recommend and probe for improvements, and assist with changes within the team and process. • Support the development managers and product owners as and when necessary. • Assist with internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information. • Assist the team with making appropriate commitments through story selection, and task definition. • Identify and remove impediments, prevent distractions that interfere with the ability of the team to deliver the sprint goal. • Facilitate discussion and conflict resolution. • Empower the teams to self-organize. • Assist in improving the productivity of the teams in any way possible. • Ensure the team strives to make each increment of functionality potentially shippable. • Drive introspective behaviours within the team, assisting them in identifying areas for improvement, and assist them in strengthening their development and testing practices. • Coach and mentor the organisation in continuously renewing their understanding of Agile methodologies. • Have a thorough understanding of agile software development methodologies, values, and procedures. • Have a thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle.

Web Africa, Scrum Master
May 2011 - May 2013, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

I started my career at Web Africa, in October 2006.

It was only in April 2011 when I learnt about Scrum, and in May 2011 I attended the CSM course, and started with the journey to implement Scrum at Web Africa.

Since then, I have grown in this field, taking in a lot of knowledge surrounding Scrum, the different ways in which to approach certain situations, how to best facilitate in each team and adapt to different team dynamics.


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