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Hugo Messer


CEO, Ekipa & Bridge Global

Location: Schiphol



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Entrepreneur & Distributed Agile Specialist Hugo Messer has been building and managing teams around the world for over 10 years. His passion is to enable people that are spread across cultures, geography and time zones to collaborate. He knows what it takes to make distributed collaboration work. He currently lives on Bali and has started scrum training and coaching within Indonesia. Hugo helps distributed scrum teams: - Ekipa Academy; training & coaching for distributed teams: - He has written 6 books about managing remote team: - Ekipa Insights: the distributed agile podcast: - video education: Hugo is currently building a training platform around (distributed) scrum and agile on He's also the owner of Bridge Global, a global software powerhouse. Bridge builds dedicated software teams for software product companies and IT departments of larger organisations. Bridge has offices in The Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine and India. +31(0)202221729 +31(0)654230708 +62(0)87786693690 Skype: hugomesser One of Hugo's drives in building his companies is having an impact on poverty reduction. Bridge and Ekipa contribute to this by creating sustainable jobs in upcoming economies. We also support various charities in the countries where we have our offices (Ukraine and India).

Work experience

Ekipa Indonesia, Founder
November 2016 - Present, Jakarta, Java, Indonesia
After my move to Bali in June 2016, I found that there is a lack of scrum training and coaching in Indonesia. I've created a scrum community with regular meetups across Indonesia. I'm regularly doing public and inhouse trainings in Indonesia. To spread the adoption of scrum and agile across Indonesia, I'm building a consultancy to help other companies across the country., Founder
January 2015 - Present, Schiphol, Noord Holland, Netherlands
I've started building as a platform for matching software projects with expert (scrum) teams from all over the globe in 2014. We launched the platform in 2015. Since the launch, we got about 600 companies that registered on the provider side of the marketplace. The customer side didn't work out as we planned. Therefore, end of 2015 we added Ekipa Academy to the platform: The Ekipa academy is teaching agile and scrum to software (Service) teams all over the world. From mid 2016 this will also be the main focus for us. We've decided to build the platform around scrum alliance trainings and gradually add more trainings to the offering (with a focus on distributed agile). We'll start offering more trainings together with Manoj Vadakkan and we plan to get several partner CST's as well as some own people to become CST.

Bridge Global, Founder
January 2006 - Present, Schiphol, Noord Holland, Netherlands
In 2005, I started my own software outsourcing company: Bridge. At that time, I simply took projects from software companies in the Netherlands and outsourced those to partners in Ukraine. All fixed price, fixed scope, waterfall. It worked. To an extent. I learned that in waterfall projects, especially when they are done with remote teams, 80% go reasonably well, but the last 20% end badly. Along the way, In 2008, I started opening my own offices and moved away from working with 3rd parties. I lived in India for 1,5 year to set up our office there. Along the way, I learned that scrum is one of the keys to managing distributed teams well. Since 2016, I've got a professional management team that runs Bridge Global.


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