Garren Heye
Agile Coach at SkyKick.
Seattle, WA


Garren Heye is an experienced and driven Scrum Master, Project Manager, and Agile Coach who is continually learning new skills and expanding his knowledge of Agile, Project Management, and Leadership.


In-Depth Experience In:

-All Scrum Ceremonies (Planning, Stand-up, Retrospective, etc.)

-All Scrum Artifacts (Burndown Chart, Product/Sprint Backlogs, Burnup Chart, etc.)

-Coaching teams on all of the above

-Relieving impediments and roadblocks

-Building team collaboration and communication

-Correcting both common and un-common team tendencies


I have lead and coached many neophytic Agile and Scrum Teams to ideal performance quickly and painlessly. I have also improved collaboration and communication in experienced and well-performing Agile Teams. In addition, I have successfully coached teams in the perfection of estimation so as to insure they consistently deliver on their Sprint and Release commitments.