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Garren Heye


Agile Coach, SkyKick

Location: Seattle, WA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Garren Heye is an experienced and driven Scrum Master, Project Manager, and Agile Coach who is continually learning new skills and expanding his knowledge of Agile, Project Management, and Leadership.


In-Depth Experience In:

-All Scrum Ceremonies (Planning, Stand-up, Retrospective, etc.)

-All Scrum Artifacts (Burndown Chart, Product/Sprint Backlogs, Burnup Chart, etc.)

-Coaching teams on all of the above

-Relieving impediments and roadblocks

-Building team collaboration and communication

-Correcting both common and un-common team tendencies


I have lead and coached many neophytic Agile and Scrum Teams to ideal performance quickly and painlessly. I have also improved collaboration and communication in experienced and well-performing Agile Teams. In addition, I have successfully coached teams in the perfection of estimation so as to insure they consistently deliver on their Sprint and Release commitments.

Work experience

SkyKick, Agile Coach
June 2016 - Present, Seattle, Washington
Agile Coach for three cross-functional software teams. This includes but is not limited to: - Facilitating all Scrum Ceremonies - Documenting all Scrum Artifacts - Coaching KanBan processes - Preventing and removing impediments to success - Coaching individuals on Agile principles and concepts - Coaching other members of the organization on how to work with an Agile Team to include executives. - Building and delivering comprehensive and dynamic training for the entire Engineering Organization. - Compiling and presenting appropriate team performance metrics to executives.

Articles I've written

Making Culture Change Easier
When a company begins its transformation to Scrum, the biggest challenge is the cultural shift required. You can do many things to make this cultural shift smoother, but here is one extremely effective strategy.

Keep Scrum Simple
If you've ever tried an Agile or Scrum implementation, then you have undoubtedly seen the all-too-common looks of confusion on your students' faces. When my partner Mat and I do a new implementation, we start with the absolute basics.

Are You Agile or Chaotic?
When a team rejects mid-iteration changes, the stakeholder will often say something to the effect of, “As an Agile Team, shouldn’t you be flexible to changes?”


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