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Geoffrey Burns


Principle, Nereid's Gold

Location: Melbourne, Australia


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Melbourne Scrum User Group


Geoff Burns


A Software Developer for 19 years. Currently based in Melbourne, Australia. My main experience is with the C++, C#, F#, JavaScript & Objective C languages, building rich client applications web & mobile applications on Windows, Unix, Web & iOS platforms.

I have acted as an Agile Coach leading a successful agile transformation in an ISO9001 certified company. I have introduced Agile Practices from XP, Scrum and Kanban to multiple companies and improved the development processed in others.

I have served as source of innovation introducing, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration, frequent retrospectives, Value Stream Mapping and Kanban boards, software development process metrics. I have encouraged continuous learning by introducing brown bag lunches, training workshops and coding standard workshops.

I always start the team where they are and keep them solving issues with their process rather than accepting things as they are. I always focus on what is causing the most pain for the team, pushing forward with continuous improvement.

Work experience

OMC International, Developer / Scrum Master
April 2012 - Present, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Took a ISO9000 compliant team with erratic iterations (4-13 weeks), poor productivity, full regression tests and no retrospectives and transformed them into a team with consistant 1 week iterations, many fold increase in productivity, targeted test, and weekly retrospectives while keeping them ISO9000 compliant.

Nereid's Gold, Principle / Scrum Developer
November 2011 - April 2012, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Developed educational software for iOS Platform using scrum.

Dodo Australia, Scrum Developer
April 2010 - November 2011, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Part of a scrum team that developed a sports betting website

Symbion Pharmacy Services, Scrum Developer / Software Architect
January 2000 - April 2010, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Helped transform a team with an ad hoc process to one using scrum and 2 week iterations


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