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Emile Bakker



Certified Scrum Product Owner



Emile Bakker

Product Manager since 1995 active as Product Owner since 2006. Eleborate knowledge of Product ownership in complex development environments. Been working with local teams, on shore teams and off shore teams. Achieved succeses with all three variants.

Besides being passionate about Scrum I am a proud father of two sons and have a love for rowning, running and cycling.


Work experience

Nebu B.V., Product Manager
December 2012 - Present, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Transformed product development to Scrum over a period of 6 months. Made during in 2013 so far 3 major releases, while this was once every two years. Adjusted the rest of the organisation (supprit, sales, account management) to Scrum based development. Set a new roadmap with a number strategic goals and well on the way of delivering these. Made the company innovating and ambitious again.

Sapienza Consulting, Manager development
February 2012 - Present, Noordwijk, Netherlands
Succesfully changed around the development process from waterfall-documented-scrum to true scrum. Managing three development teams, one local, one co-located and one off shored. Delivered the last three releases in time.

Asset Control N.V., Product Owner
April 2006 - February 2012, Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands
Product owner/ Senior product manager Defining and developing systems for Asset data management in banking. Developed GUI frontend for asset data cleansing.

Articles I've written

Fire Your Product Manager
As a blogging product owner, I frequently run into Scrum misfits. One of the typical misfits is in the role of the product owner/manager. Hence my advice to fire your product manager. I do understand that this statement requires some more explanation. . . .

Reduced Value of Consecutive Releases
An item about ever-reducing value of consecutive releases was lingering in my head, but it did not fully come out till I read a story about Rajen Sheth launching gmail in the enterprise space. He describes how he dealt with road mapping. Road mapping is one of the biggest pains for an Agile mind, since it forces you to plot an exact time line for releasing functionality over at least a year. . . .

Are You a Bob Ross or a Rembrandt?
A metaphorical question like this does require a good explanation . . . and I will provide one. Let me describe two cases. . . .


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