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Davor Čengija
Agile Coach and Enterprise Architect at CROZ d.o.o..
Zagreb, Croatia


Davor Čengija is Agile Coach and Enterprise Architect with 20 years of experience in software development industry. He went through every stage of the process, working as a software developer, software and system architect and even project manager. Always close to end customers he often took actions in business development, sales and presales. Currently his job is best described as Agile Coach and evangelist.

Through years he's specialised in applying his knowledge and experience in large, multi-team and multi-year projects, especially in banking, telecom and government sectors. 

Having formal education in mechanical engineering, he always leaned toward applying agile principles in non-development environment, such as enterprise architecture, operations, marketing and sales, or HR, enabling people to adopt more creative, fun and interesting way of work.

He developed and teaches several successful courses on quality of software development, system architecture, enterprise architecture and lean and agile approach in work. 

He's an active member of local agile community, organising, facilitating and presenting at meetups and conferences in the region. Through his blogs and social networks presence he's working hardly on demystifying Scrum and agile principles and concepts in general, helping people better understand the benefits of such an approach.