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Christopher Kreager


Vice President of Engineering, Sequoia Cloud Solutions, A Presidio Company

Location: Bellingham, WA



24 years of programming and it keeps on changing. It's good to act like you are beginning your carrier (again), and receive new changes with an open mind instead of making it fit your past perceptions :)

In February 2012, while working at Cisco, my manager and I attended Scrum classes hosted onsite with Cisco with the intention of implementing SCRUM concepts, knowledge transfer, and all ceremonies within a team called "Cisco Intelligent Automation for the Cloud (CIAC)". I received my ScrumMaster certification through Scrumalliance following my training. As I hired and brought the team from 2 Developers to 15, each was trained and coached in their development team role. Stakeholders were identified at Cisco to complement the development team in Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives, and Backlog Grooming meetings according to their roles. Through full Agile practices we delivered several releases of CIAC product line using Rally as our Agile toolset.

After Cisco returned to waterfall SDLC practices at Dell in August 2012. Near the end of our last waterfall release of establishing a Dell Bank in Ireland, our development teams adopted full SDLC Agile practices as we managed their Customer Big Data project for all of Dell Financial Services (DFS) - Global Services, managed in MS TFS. There I participated as part of their Developer Team. As a Solution Architect I anticipated as a stakeholder in agile meetings due to my budget and oversight responsibilities of the project.

After Dell I established a new development team at a startup company called Sequoia Worldwide in February 2014. As hiring manger I built up and training a staff of 20+engineers to fully implement Agile practices. There I coached many on being scrum masters, encouraging them to spread knowledge both internally and externally. One of our clients, Presidio, was introduced to Agile as we developed a product called Presidio Managed Cloud, utilizing Rally as our Agile toolset.

In November 2015 Presidio acquired our company. As VP of Engineering, I've continued building our existing team from 20 to 40+ engineers, all coached and practitioners of Agile. After evaluating Rally, Jira, and ServiceNow, our team chose to switch from Rally to Jira and integrate to ServiceNow for ITIL. To this day we are now offering guidance to IT companies across the US on DevOps Agile practices combined with ITIL. Working with me are three Certified ScrumMasters from diverse backgrounds that help shape the company and our engagements with clients on Agile best practices of DevOps with ITIL for IT Operations with Private and Public Hybrid clouds.

Work experience

Sequoia Cloud Solutions, A Presidio Company, Vice President of Engineering
November 2015 - Present, Bellingham, WA, United States
Building next generation Agile cloud DevOps teams that can rapidly develop and deploy service catalogs into managed cloud solutions, and enable clients to take advantage of automation of software development in Hybrid Cloud.

Sequoia Worldwide, Software Engineering and IT Leader
February 2014 - November 2015, Bellingham, WA, United States
Joined the Sequoia management team in early 2014 to accelerate the software development and delivery of cloud management and self-service IT automation solutions. After building an award winning team to drive in the design, development, packaging of Presidio Managed Cloud, Presidio announced the acquisition of Sequoia Worldwide in November 2015 to be come Sequoia Cloud Solutions, A Presidio Company.

Dell, Solutions Architect
August 2012 - September 2014, Austin, Texas, United States

Solution Architecture: DFS Global Services
Collaborating in a pool of Architects at Dell Financial Services chartered to help create solutions that provide higher global services to multiple regions and their related business segment to connect multiple financial applications in their disparate systems.

Cisco Systems, Technical Lead
November 2010 - July 2012, Austin, Texas, United States

Technical Lead: Cisco Intelligent Automation for the Cloud
Building on new Unified Management capabilities of Cisco's CloudVerse. Design automated provisioning and management of data center resources for the delivery of cloud services within and between data centers. Combining functionality in a unified management solution for infrastructure-as-a-service and other cloud models. Creating a web based portal interface where IT can enable self-service provisioning of application and infrastructure requests.

EPICOR, Systems Architecture Consultant
May 2011 - August 2011, Austin, Texas, United States
Lead product direction in capacity planning of Activant Aftermarket ConneX (AConneX) conversion to Cloud. Evaluated proposed Cloud Distributed Services plan and compiled risk analysis documents and proposed alternative solutions and enhancements. Developed and implemented Java solution with Cassandra, MySql, and Oracle solution with JAX-WS and EclipseLink.

ADRevolution, Vice President of Software Architecture & Development
June 2008 - November 2010, Austin, Texas, United States

Managed and recruited for Software Development, Content Development, and Information Technology teams. Responsible for Hardware and Software Architecture of ESP, SaaS, and Web LAMP hosted environment.

Crossroads, Senior Software Engineer II
August 2006 - May 2008, Austion, Texas, United States
Develop business logic and user interface for fiber channel SCSI device monitoring system with Python and PostresSQL.

CFM Partners, Director of Technology
February 2002 - March 2006, Washington, DC, United States

Developed JDBC, J2EE application and Java Server Pages for BEA Weblogic services for online education system. Developed course content in SCORM and ADL.

Cofiniti FKA: MoneyStar, Senior Developer / Network Operations Manager
February 1998 - February 2001, Austin, Texas, United States
Lead a team of four web developers in creating Visual Basic, ASP, and MS Access applications for calculating ROI, credit card billing, and market close information.

Educational Credit Management Corporation, Senior Developer
August 2012 - August 1998, Saint Paul , Minnesota, United States
Internet Java applications connectivity to AIX Informix Database

Texas Guaranteed Student Load, Senior Systems Analyst for Internet Applications
August 1993 - August 1996, Austin, Texas, United States

Primarily responsible for analysis and design of computer applications utilizing the Internet for the business benefit of TGSLC and its customers. Programed and maintained internet Java applications to DB2 Mainframe Student Loan application

DELL, System Support
January 1992 - January 1993, Austin, Texas, United States
Dell PC and Server support, networking and Novell troubleshooting.

Micro Print-X, Jr. Programmer
January 1989 - January 1992, Ballinger, Texas, United States
C programming, PostScript drivers for printer and plotters. Novel Network installations in schools and banks.


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