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Chris Foley


Scrum Master, Johnson & Johnson

Location: Limerick, Ireland


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Chris Foley

Having worked for 10 years in the Telecommunications Industry across a range of traditional SDLC roles, which included Function Tester, Maintenance Engineer, Developer, Technical Co-ordinator and Systems Engineer, Chris ventured into Software Management as a combined Line Manager / Project Manager in 2003. Quickly establishing a reputation for delivering on time, quality projects, Chris joined the Project Management Office (PMO) of a large Telecommunications organisation, working with large geographically-spread projects at Total Project level in Development and Systems Project Management.

Understanding a need to reduce waste and realise end-user value, Chris naturally transitioned to an Agile way of working in 2007/2008 and took on roles as Scrum Master and Product Owner over the following 7/8 years.

In 2015, eager to expand his experience, Chris left the Telecommunications company that he worked with for nearly 22 years to start a new career in the Pharmaceutical, Consumer, Medical Devices industry with a well-known, global market leader, who were looking for someone to help transition the IT Application Software division to an Agile way of working.

In addition to the challenges faced in transitioning an organisation to an Agile Framework, Chris is actively breaking new ground by coaching an SAP Development organisation to work through Agile.

Work experience

Johnson & Johnson, Scrum Master & Agile Coach
February 2015 - Present, Limerick, Limerick
My role is to help the transition of the Johnson & Johnson Application Services SAP Development Organization into Agile. Working in a highly regulated industry, I have been central to breaking down the barriers between the Business, Business IT ( BU-IT ), Supply Chain, the Development Organisation, the Risk Management organisation ( ISRM ) and the Quality Assurance Organization ( Q-CSV and SQA ) to form self-organizing Teams consisting of Product Owner ( coming from Supply Chain or BU-IT ), Scrum Master, Compliance Leads aswell as Functional and Development Leads. I have been pivotal to the transition of the organization to an Agile Framework, providing aupport and coaching across the organization to establish successful Scrum Teams developing end-user features in 2-week sprints, with the introduction of Product Backlogs, Backlog Refinement Sessions, Sprint Planning, Daily Standups, Sprint Reviews & Demos and Retrospectives/ Well work in a highly Regulated Industry & I continue to mentor & coach how regulatory bodies can work closely with scrum teams without compromising compliance needs or a Scrum agile way of working

LM Ericsson, Scrum Product Owner
November 2012 - January 2015, Athlone, Westmeath
With the introduction of a new development area within Ericsson ( ENM ), I assumed the role of Product Owner for a Database Management Component-based Scrum Team and for a Configuration Management Scrum Team. The role required me to work closely with the end user ( Telecomm Network providers ) aswell as with the Business Organisation, who provided portfolio management and strategic direction on the features to be developed. As the Product Backlog was burned down, I recognised the need for an additional Scrum Team to work off the same backlog as the Configuration Management Team and so for 2 years I acted as Product Owner for 3 Scrum Teams, successfully delivering high priority, high value features, as agreed with the business partners.

LM Ericsson, Scrum Master
October 2007 - November 2012, Athlone, Westmeath
In 2007/2008, LM Ericsson began the organisational transition from traditional waterfall to agile. As an early adopter of agile in the organisation, my role as a a transition agent was to establish new Kanban Teams, transition to Scrumban and ultimately transition to full Scrum development as the organization grew and adopted Agile. I typically established small, cross functional team and acted as Scrum Master - facilitating the introduction of Product Backlogs, Daily Standups, Sprint Planning Sessions, Backlog Refinement, End of Sprint Review meetings and Sprint Retrospectives. My role was to establish cross functional, self-organizing teams, transitioning a Team Member to adopt the role of Scrum Master in my place.

Articles I've written

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I'm often told that I'm too much of an "Agile purist" and that I'm "not pragmatic." So what does it mean to "be Agile"? Let's consider the12 Agile Principles.


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