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Christopher Diller


ScrumMaster, Ecolab, Inc

Location: St. Paul, MN


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner




I began my professional career as an embedded software developer (C, C++) with Ecolab RD&E. The teams I was assigned to used a Phase Gate process and typically took 18-24 months to deliver a new product to the market. This was always a source of frustration - spending hours coding every last, possible feature when it was clear some of this code would be used rarely or never.

Then came Scrum.

I had the opportunity to take a CSPO course from Angela Druckman and I had that “aha” moment – the clear understanding of why I had been so frustrated with the development process.  It would be another year and a half before I would actually be on a “real” Scrum team, but during that time, I used some of the skills and tools I had learned about to make Phase Gate slightly more bearable (e.g. burn-down charts, prioritized backlog).

In 2013 I got my chance to truly see Scrum in action.  I had moved to an IT-like group who was committed to using Scrum and Agile to deliver value to our customers.  We partnered with an outside development group that was well experienced in Scrum and we sent all our internal people to CSPO training (with Jeff Patton).  Having already done my CSPO training, I asked to go to a CSM class instead (with Chet Hendrickson) and, again, had my eyes opened to what Scrum truly was and how it could benefit my product (as well as a brief look into some XP practices).  In the role of ScrumMaster, the team and I grew together.  The “lead” developer from the development group helped coach and guide me through the role and, looking back, I can see several distinct shifts in my style as Scrum Master from (as I heard Angel Medinilla put it) “Scrum “Dude” to “Scrum Mom” to “Scrum Master” – a title and role I still strive to live up to daily.

Scrum has been a great fit for me and my career.  With 5 additional Scrum teams in my organization, it has provided me the opportunity to coach and mentor other ScrumMasters and teams and be an Agile evangelist at a broader level.

Work experience

Ecolab, Inc, ScrumMaster
February 2013 - Present, St. Paul, MN, US
Project leadership, development and delivery of integrated field mobile solutions for Ecolab Pest Elimination's sales and service associates.

Ecolab, Inc, RD&E Project Leader
July 2011 - January 2013, Eagan, MN, US
Led projects related to the monitoring, detection and elimination of rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, and other pests.

Ecolab, Inc, Principal Software/Electrical Engineer
February 2006 - June 2011, Eagan, MN, US
Led cross-functional project teams to deliver new equipment solutions. Developed embedded software for commercial/industrial dispensing equipment including those running on Microchip PIC microcontrollers and ARM-based Linux systems.


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