Ravishankar N




Certified ScrumMaster


Consultant in the Global Consulting group of Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore.

Over 20 years of experience that includes software development, project management, quality management and quality proces consulting.


Articles I've written

How to Manage an Agile Transformation
This article explores the change management aspects of an Agile-adoption journey. Though many of these are based on standard organizational change management practices, the specifics of an Agile transformation are highlighted here.

DevOps and Agile
DevOps and Agile complement each other to deploy working functionality into production faster. This article focuses on a subset of DevOps philosophy in the context of Agile development and highlights the key considerations for DevOps and Agile to coexist for expedited delivery. . . .

Agile in Sync or in Silos
This article explores a scenario in which teams implement Agile in silos, and it highlights the limitations of such a way of working and proposes an alternative. . . .

What a Traditional PM Should Unlearn to Play a ScrumMaster Role
IT leadership tends to believe that, with some training in Agile methods, a traditional project manager (PM) would naturally transition into a ScrumMaster. This is not always true. . . .

10 Things Business Leadership Should Do for Successful Agile Adoption
Agile adoption is a collaborative effort. To sail smoothly and arrive at the desired state, business leaders have to commit their support throughout the journey. Here are ten things that business leadership should do to help the company successfully travel the Agile-adoption path. . . .

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