Jai Singhal


Vice President, Agiliants

Location: USA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner

Groups I belong to

Agile Maryland User Group

Articles I've written

Scrum Is Intrinsically Lean
This article discusses how Scrum is Lean and supports all seven Lean principles. . . .

A Sprint Is More Than Just a Timebox
In the Scrum framework, it is the sprint where the work is accomplished and the concept-to-cash aspect is realized. . . . A sprint provides the basic boundary within which all Scrum components are exercised and come to life.

A Day in Scrum as Part of the PDCA Cycle
The Daily Scrum supports the PDCA cycle at a tactical level, but there is a misconception that the Daily Scrum comprises the PDCA cycle. . . .

What Happens When a Sprint Goal Is Attained Early?
I wrote an email back in 2009 about why ScrumMasters should be discouraged from forcing their preferences on the development team and the product owner when the sprint goal is achieved before the sprint expires. . . . I wish I had kept that email around, as it is becoming a hot topic!