Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

Be an integral national and international ambassador of Scrum and the agile movement


The journey to become a CST is both challenging and rewarding. A few of our CSTs have shared their experiences:

  • Bruno Margueritat (France): "My long journey to become a CST was the most valuable and challenging journey of my career. It makes me grow, not only as a trainer, but also as a person."

  • Bob Jiang (China): "My CST journey is the most valuable thing I did in the last 7 years. I got feedback from different talented people, and stretched myself more and more. If you would like to go beyond your comfort zone, challenge yourself towards the CST."

  • Kamlesh Ravelani (India): "I can confidently say that my CST journey has been massively rewarding. Feedback I received at each step of this journey helped me expand my envelope, helped polish the rough edges as a trainer and allowed for increased self-awareness."

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