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CST Testimonials

At Scrum Alliance, we value the learner’s journey above all else, so we prioritize trainers who are able to meet learners wherever they are. It takes a special kind of person to pursue the CST certification. It’s a journey that is challenging – and life changing.

Read on to hear from a few of our CSTs about their experiences:



Bruno Margueritat, CST (France):

"My long journey to become a CST was the most valuable and challenging journey of my career. It makes me grow, not only as a trainer, but also as a person."

Jaya Shrivastava, CST (India):

"It’s not just a badge for me. It’s a badge with a lot of accountability. [This accountability] helped me a lot because I’m bringing my accountability and credibility that I’m getting from [Scrum Alliance] is adding value to whatever I’m saying, whatever I’m teaching, what I’m giving to the community and to my students."

Bob Jiang, CST (China):

"My CST journey is the most valuable thing I did in the last 7 years. I got feedback from different talented people, and stretched myself more and more. If you would like to go beyond your comfort zone, challenge yourself towards the CST."

Jo Perold, CST (South Africa):

"It’s a long journey and it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. When you get to the end, you feel a great sense of achievement because it takes so long and because it’s hard."

Kamlesh Ravlani, CST (India):

"I can confidently say that my CST journey has been massively rewarding. Feedback I received at each step of this journey helped me expand my envelope, helped polish the rough edges as a trainer and allowed for increased self-awareness."

Alex Gray, CST (UK):

"The journey to becoming a CST was really valuable to me. Having the opportunity to go and co-train…and getting feedback and self-retrospecting on how I deliver training was immensely valuable."