We hope that you enjoyed the Global Scrum Gathering® Singapore 2017! Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update this site as we receive speaker presentations.

Patel, Apeksha - Change Canvas

Alexander, Chris "Deuce" - Building Networks of High-Performing Teams Using Known Stable Interfaces

Behrens, Pete - The Five *oops* Six Mistakes Leaders Make with Agile

Ashok, Swarnalatha and Rajagopal, Saisudha - Experiential Education for Agile Software Engineering

Campbell, Duncan - Beyond Brainstorming: Innovation for Everyone

Chik, Michael - Agile Project Management with Scrum, Lean, and Kanban

Chin, Tang Tze and Anwar, Mazharul - Applying Lean Startup and Agile Architecture in an Enterprise

Dabrytski, Pavel - Psychology of Coaching: Understanding Science of Change

Friend, Tom - Scrum To The Stars Agile Innovation in Aerospace and Space Mission Model Design Canvas

Hiệp, Lê Trọng (Henry) - Extreme Programming Should Be Dead. Here is why!

Klimov, Kiril - Making Scrum More Powerful with Some Kanban

Koh, Steven - Agile Delivery in Government

Lau, Stanly - The Common Ground of Coffee-Making and Agile

Leybourn, Evan - The Structure of an Agile Organization: A Business Agility Primer

Li, Lo - Everyday Agile: A Janitor’s Journey

Li, Lo - Liberating Structures

Lopez-Stuit, Jeff and Waggoner, Chris - To Affinity and Beyond

Narayanan, Sriram “Ram” - Segregation of Duties and Continuous Delivery

Okoro, John - Agile and the Design Sprint

Okoro, John and Messer, Hugo - Distributed Agile in Large-Scale Teams

Pabst, Brent - Continuous X for Agilists: Tools Do Matter

Rahman, M. Mizanur - DevOps Demystified

Sahota, Michael - Delivering a High-Performance Agile Organization

Smalley, Anu and Megaw, Kate - Agile Leadership - The Power of Influence

Sussmann, Sebastian - Think outside the box (Marketing & Design)

Turner, Stuart - Agile Leadership: Me, A Leader?

Turner, Stuart - Smart National: Discovering Meaning and Fulfillment in a Smart Nation

Venkataramaiah, Satisha - Experience Mapping