Global Scrum Gathering® Munich 2016 Videos and Presentations

We hope that you enjoyed the Global Scrum Gathering® Munich 2016! Below is a listing of videos and all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update this site as we receive videos and speaker presentations.

Keynote Videos

Monday Keynote

Eric Bowman - Scaling Agile at Zalando through Radical Agility



Tuesday Keynote

Christopher Avery - The Responsibility Process: Unlocking Natural Ability to Live and Lead with Power




Åhlander, Arne - Scrum meets Management 3.0: How to Apply the Latest Management Ideas to Strengthen Scrum

Avery, Christopher - Keynote: The Responsiblity Process

Baker, Nigel - TBA - TBC - WTF Uncertainty in Product Development

Bless, Marc - The Mean Mean Agile Enterprise

Culling, Paul - Culture, Agility, and Being Human in the Workplace

Demirel, Ilker & Avery, Christopher- The Responsibility Process

Dolfing, Henrico - Dealing with uncertainty - From Agile to antifragile

Goddard, Paul & Watts, Geoff - Selling the "Fluffy" Side of Scrum

Gomes, Nuno Rafael -  Improving Scrum with Lean Thinking

Hall, Victoria & Luu, Linda - Value-Driven Management: Building A Responsive Organization

Holyer, Steve - Hunting Value #DiscoveryDojo

Hummel, Anderson - Learning 3.0: Relearning to Learn

Ivanov, Vladimir - Enterprise Agile Pasta: A Game on Agile Scaling

Kollischan, Karl - Unleashing Creativity Gets Us to the Stars - but How to Come Back to Earth?

Kruse, Ralf - Scrum Master Dojo & Handout

Krivitsky, Alexey - Agile Coaching Canvas: Dream up, co-create and share your agile coaching vision.

Leybourn, Evan - If you need to run a project - you've already failed #noprojects

Löffler, Mark - The systemic Scrum Master … or how to get a passionate team

Maloney, Bernie - What Did They Really Want? Bottom Line Impacts of Customer Collaboration

McCarron, Shane & O’Toole, Rachel - Would you like to share my toothbrush?

Menge, Lynda - Teaching Agile Using Lead Learning Out

Nettleton, Carlton - Learning from Product Failure to Acheive New Product Success!

Pancucci, Adrian; Halford, Eben; & Roadnight, Matt - Dealing with Evolutionary Change

Powers, Laura - The Neurology of Learning: Your Brain on Agile Games

Richter, Wolfgang - Doing half the work in twice the time.

Rivera, Bryan - Building Networks of High-Performing Teams

Sabbbagh, Rafael - Lean Products

Schartau, Johannes & Taylor, Sylvia - Liberating Structures: Unleash the Power of the Whole Business Through Radical Self-Organization

Schmied, Christoph - A Journey Towrads Agile

Skornyakov, Anton - Surviving Change though Cross-Functionality

Stephan, Fadi - Fostering Self-Organizing Teams

Smith, Gez - Are Recruitment and HR Agile's Biggest Blockers?

Stevens, Peter & Wykowski, Tomasz de Jastrzebiec - A code dojo… for Product Owners?!

Storz, Sacha - Enable Your Agile

Tikka, Ari - Actionable Fearless Leadership - from Tayloristic to Agile Organization

Tomasini, Andrea - Improve the chances of success of your organization with Resilience and Antifragility

Wittwer, Markus - Creating the Inner Conditions for Agile: A Google Born Approach

Vannieuwenhuyse, Frederik - The question today isn’t: "Can we build this?” but, "Should we build this?"

Verdonk, Niels - Be Curious Without Judging - A Structured Approach to Analyze Team Dynamics