We hope that you enjoyed the Global Scrum Gathering® Prague 2015! Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update this site as we receive speaker presentations.

Allared, Jonas & Osterling, Petter - Automated Testing in Agile Development
Baer, David - Agile Compensation
Bamberger, Gary - Introduction to Coaching Skills for SMs and Leaders
Barry, John - Silicon Gym - Workouts for Agile Microchips
Breddels, Dajo - Product Owner Value Game

Bucka-Lassen, Klaus - Scrum At Home
Bunning, Rowan - Principles to Practices for Building Your Scrum Mastery
Cumps, Jef & Philippaerts, Kris - Make your Visuals Rock!
De Gregorio, Biase - Looking Beyond Agile - Using Customer Experience Management (CEM) to Build the "Right" Product
Eberhard, Frank & Waschk, Stefan - Bottom Up Scrum Requires Top Down Will
Greaves, Karen & Laing, Samantha - Managing Software Development in the Age of Agile
Heider, Martin - Fearless Journey
Jepsen, Allan Rennebo - Invite Your Tester to the Party
Lagerweij, Wouter -  Don’t Refactor. Rebuild. Kinda.
Laing, Samantha & Greaves, Karen - From ScrumMaster to Agile Coach - Where is the Map?
Maloney, Bernie - Bootstrap your Business Model: Business Agility on the Back of a Napkin

Mezzalira, Luca - The Power of Feedback Loops
Miarka, Ralph - From Non-Violent Communication to Potential-Focused Communication
Paksima, Taghi - Slowing Down to Speed Up: Agile and Technical Debt

Papini, David - Beyond Managing Emotions in Teams
Pažin, Dejan - Freedom from Broken Values
Perold, Joanne & Verdonk, Niels - Information Radiators on a Portfolio Level

Perreau De Pinninck, Adrian - The Economics of Continuous Integration [PechaKucha]
Power, Laura M. - Estimating Business Value​
Pylayeva, Dana - Bring Down the Wall of Confusion with Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum Simulation Game
Richter, Wolfgang & Richter, Elisabeth - Housebuilding with Scrum
Smith, Shaun & Putnam, David - Picturing a Problem
Steineder, Helmut - Agile and Automated Testing in Scrum Implementations
Tikka, Ari - Scaling Scrum by LeSS and SAFe 
Van Loon, Han - A New Visual Paradigm for Uncertainty in Agile Projects [PechaKucha]
Verdonk, Niels & Perold, Joanne - Empower Teams to Own their Improvement Culture

Verkaik, Els & Lamers, Jasper - Continuous Improvement in Your DNA
Winter, Bob - Proving Value with Agile Performance Improvement
York, Jim - Where Do You Want To Get To? A Goal-Based Approach to Adopting Scrum
Zätterman, Henrik - Moving In Harmony: The Psychology Behind Change
Zecchi, Simone - Now Hiring - Scrum Master Wanted [PechaKucha]