Global SCRUM GATHERING® Berlin 2014 Presentations

We hope you enjoyed your time at the Global SCRUM GATHERING® Berlin 2014. Videos of the Keynote Presentations will be posted after the Gathering. 

Monday Keynote - Dave Snowden. See the Graphic Recording of his session here.
Tuesday Keynote - Don Reinertsen. See the Graphic Recording of his session here.
Wednesday Keynote - Richard Sherdian. See the Graphic Recording of his session here.

Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. 

Ahlander, Arne - Coaching Teams to Self Organization

Baker, Nigel - Let's Invent the Future of Agile!

Bamburger, Gary - Leadership in Agile Organizations
Additional materials: Session handout, Session notes

Benestad, Hans Christian, Jo Hannay, Kjetil Strand & Kjetil Karlsen - A Product Owner's road to enterprise prosperity

Bulkin, David, Anthony Montgomery - Team Based Business Process Re-engineering with Scrum

Bunning, Rowan - Tuning up Scrum to manage down your Risk

Cooke, Benjamin - The Usual Suspects: Coaching for Engagement

Eskelinen, Arto - Slicing User Stories

Forte, Stephen - The Lean Startup and Agile Development: Full Circle

Freudenberg, Sallyann - Secrets of an experienced facilitator

Gabriel da Silva, Davi - Agile Gamification: boosting team performance and software development practices using game elements

Gasche, Stephanie - Scaling Scrum to Build a Hardware Product or How Cross-Functionality helped Electricians, Mechanics, and (Embedded) Software Engineers turn T-shaped

Hartman, Bob - How to have "agile" conversations with managers and executives

Hartmann Press, Deborah - A Curious Mindset: basic coaching skills for managers and other aliens

Heider, Martin - My Agile Suitcase

Heiramo, Petri - Initial Release Planning Workshop - Get Going in a Project

Hofmann, Michael - Scrum and Mental Health

Hundermark, Peter - Here be Dragons

Ivanovs, Vladimirs - Creating children book in 45 minutes thanks to Scrum

Jensen, Björn - Move your Product Ownership to the next level!

Juncu, Oana - The Storytelling Battle

Komus, Ayelt - Scrum - successful, but not always by the book - Empirical findings, practical conclusions

Krehoff, Bernd - The Incredible Machine - Building a Hardware Product with Scrum

Kruse, Ralf, Andrea Tomasini - Developing Your Own Agile Game
See the Graphic Recording of the session here.

Leber, Michael, Stephen Haas - Resilient Organizations ready to change

Lilja, Sami - The case against scaling: Back to basics with your enterprise transformation

Mathis, Krishan, Olaf Lewitz - The Soul of Scrum

McKenna, Iain - Game of Thrones - A Song of Scrum and Product Ownership

Meek, Helen, Mark Summers - Building Metaphors for Retrospectives

Miarka, Ralph, Veronika Kotrba - SCARF - Why SCRUM transitions fail (and what we could do differently)

Misch, Robert - Game, Set, Match: Playing Games to Accelerate Agile Teams

Myllerup, Bent - Will Agile Work in my embedded development environment?

Neidhardt, Christine, Olaf Lewitz - Temenos - Build Trust in Yourself, Your Team, Your Organization

Ochoa, Manuel - Scrum Newbie: A Fun Ride

Perreau de Pinninck, Adrian - Take the Red Pill: How Criteo revamped it's software development process

Pichler, Roman - Product Roadmaps in Scrum

Power, Ken - Principles and Dynamics of Scrum Coaching

Pylayeva, Dana - Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum Jambalaya

Schwartz, Alexander - A new Dojo: The Art of Story Splitting
See the Graphic Recording of his session here.

Shafer Sterne, Misty - Case Study: Scaling Agile at American Airlines -

Sheridan, Richard - The Business Value of Joy

Silva, Luciana, Charlles Pinon - Game theory and techniques applied to create an agile product vision 

Tomasini, Andrea, Bent Myllerup - Effectively Coaching Agile Teams
See the Graphic Recording of the session here and a recap of the session here

Tsal Sela, Dov - Get Agile by forgetting and re-learning how to draw and see

Turner, Cara - Building Creative Teams: Ideas, Motivation and Retrospectives

Wittwer, Markus - Team Responsibility Game