Certified Agile Coaching for Organizational Agility

A Scrum Alliance Certified Agile CoachSM (CACSM) can amplify and accelerate the value of your agile teams

As a Scrum Master guides the growth of a team, adding a thought leader's expertise in the Scrum framework and a broad toolkit of agile techniques can prove beneficial — that’s where a Certified Agile Coach (CAC) comes in.

Sometimes, a group of Scrum Masters needs help to align their teams on common agreements. Other times, senior leaders want to design their organizations to support Scrum more effectively.

A Certified Agile Coach can help your organization:



Help teams see below the surface, expose challenging symptoms, and isolate root causes


Guide Agile learning through education and discovery


Engage teams and stakeholders in focused, pivotal, conversations and alignment-building activities


Connect inter-dependencies and impact team reflection, learning, and growth


Questioning, role modeling, sharing expertise, and guiding teams' self-discovery


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Two Specialties

For organizations ready to move toward Agile transformation:

Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) designates a Certfied Agile Coach who has expert knowledge of agile theory and practice. CECs have an in-depth understanding of agile practices and principles, including Scrum, and real-world experience with organizational transformations.

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For subsets of an organization in a project or program, or across multiple teams:

A Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach® (CTC) designates a Certified Agile Coach who works primarily with agile and Scrum teams, stakeholders, and management to improve outcomes.

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