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[Select Repost] The Value of Pair-Coaching… What’s in It for You?


In this post, authors Geoff Watts and Andrea Tomasini argue that pair coaching has built-in supervision and thus allows for real-time observation and feedback on coaching style, presence, technique and effectiveness as well as learning from each other.  

[Select Repost] Decide How to Decide: Empowering Product Ownership


As the product owner, you are responsible for the product’s vision, and ultimately, the value of your product. You “own” the backlog. If your responsibilities include upstream product management—what I refer to as strategic product ownership—then you also shepherd your product through its entire lifecycle.

[Select Repost] Exploring Product Options To Arrive At Right Requirements


When is a so-called requirement really required? And is it the “right” requirement? The answers depend on many facets: stakeholders, value, planning horizon, and so on. This article, written by Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener, explores using options as a means to identify high-value requirements, at the last responsible moment.

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