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High-Performance Teams - Why the Who Matters Less


When talking to clients about building Scrum teams, some frequent questions that I hear are: Who to put on the team?Do I need superstars in every team?Does multifunctional team mean everybody on the team has to be an expert in everything? With this article I want to use studies from Stanford University and Google in order to show that is not so important who to put on the team rather how the team operates. Then we use the A-team approach from military special forces in order to create a good multifunctional team.

Day in the Life of an Agile Coach: John Miller


For John Miller, surfing has taught him a great deal about coaching. This flexible approach and upbeat attitude infuses every one of his training sessions as a Certified Enterprise Coach®, whether he's working with a Fortune 500 company or an educational institution.

Thinking of Becoming a Coach? Thoughts from the Experts.


Coaching is a challenge. And it’s not one that everyone is ready for. To help certificants prepare for this rewarding path, Scrum Alliance® spoke with Certified Team Coachâ„  Vijay Bandaru.In this interview, we ask about his journey and what part the Agile community has played in his success.

[Select Repost] Is Scrum Right for Your Product?


Scrum is a great framework, but it's not the best fit for every project. In this blog post, written by Roman Pichler, find out what you should consider when deciding if Scrum is right for your product.

[Select Repost] The Non-Social ScrumMaster


Being a ScrumMaster is all about relationships, right? But being effective means being good with groups of people as well as having quality one-on-one interactions. In this blog post, written by Robert Galen, learn more about the less social interactions that help develop a great team.

[Select Repost] Formula for Building a Successful Scrum Experience


Do you need a few pointers to help your Scrum team excel? Here are 11 pointers for improving your newly formed team. Read the entire post, written by Jerry Doucett.

[Select Repost] User Stories: Match the Goal to the Role


Do your user stories actually reflect the needs and desires of your users? This post, written by Ken Rubin, offers a quick overview of what you should think about when creating user-centric user stories.

[Select Repost] Value: The Lynchpin in Agile Product Management


You’d think the topic of value would be straightforward when it comes to agile product management and ownership. After all, early and continuous delivery of value is the first principle in the Agile Manifesto.

[Select Repost] 5 Ways to Organize Agile Teams


How to organize teams in an optimal way is a common question in Agile organizations. A question you should always discuss and answer together with the people in the actual teams. This post, written by Daniel Burm, provides you with an overview of 5 possibilities for organizing teams and the main factors to take into account.

[Select Repost] The Elusive Product Owner


The Product Owner's responsibilities are expansive and can sometimes last a year or more. How do you find someone who is ideal for "maximizing the value of the product"? Here are a few tips, written by Jim York in this FoxHedge Ltd. blog post.

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