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Howard here!

As I write this post, I find myself somewhere over the North Atlantic near “Porcupine Plain” and something called “Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone.” I’ve simply no clue why those are relevant, but the inflight flight monitors seem to think we should know about them. (I know Charlie Gibbs must be proud about this. Having your own fracture zone must be something.) I’m mid- journey between the States and London Heathrow. When I land, I’ll immediately board a longer flight to Hyderabad, India. Two back-to-back overnight flights.

Why, you might ask? See, I’m traveling to see part of our global community – and it’s a large and growing part.  India, in fact, is one of the fastest growing segments, and they are hosting a Regional Scrum Gathering In valuing face-to-face communication, I find myself on journeys like this fairly frequently. This means I can spend vast hours alone in thought, schlepping luggage, washing in airport restrooms, and eating subpar airport food. All for a few precious moments of real community connection.

Travel isn’t easy on the body or the mind, especially when you will be in a time zone for less than 24 hours – only to return back on a plane towards somewhere else. I wish I could tell you that there aren’t moments that I doubt my sanity in doing this. But the truth is that when you are flying over Porcupine Plain the middle of a night, you do start to wonder if it’s worth it.

I know it’s my job to be outward-facing for the company, engaging our community, finding out their needs, and learning how we can serve their local community better – but I could say no to trips like these. I could... but honestly? I can’t. Because I know what’s waiting for me when the final leg of my long journey is over: real human interaction with people who deeply care about making the world of work a better place.

The stories I get to hear are all similar—yet amazingly unique. Stories of hope, of change, of struggles within companies, of resistance, and mostly of people... deeply dedicated people. People with grit and tenacity, and an unbending determination to not accept a traditional way of working. No matter the city, or country, the themes are the same, but the individuals are all so unique and different. See, I’ve always thought about strangers as friends I’ve just never met.  So I know India is filled with future friends—I just have to get off these planes so I can meet them. I can’t wait to experience this country and this community. As weary as I am, I’m looking forward to every ounce of it.

So if you ever find yourself over the now famous “Charles Gibbs Fracture Zone,” think of  Scrum Alliance, and our quest to bring the world just a little bit closer together, one individual interaction at a time.

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