Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise CoachSM (CEC)

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Do you have questions or suggestions regarding the Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach Program? Are you looking for help in applying to become a CEC? Use the CEC Google Group to discuss the program with existing CECs and other candidates and/or Find a CEC mentor. All are welcome to join the group.

If you are also considering becoming a Certified Team Coach, please visit the FAQ page to see a comparison of the CTC/CEC certifications. This will allow you to determine which coaching program is the ideal fit.

This list of resources are useful for prospective CTC candidates as they progress from Certified Scrum Professionals (CSP®) through to a CTC certification. These resources have been broken out by the knowledge areas found on the CTC application.

Study Resources for Certified Enterprise Coach Candidates
Path to Coaching Program 

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