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Scrum Coaching Retreats

Coaching Retreats provide any current or aspiring Agile coaches the opportunity to engage purposefully with their peers, dive deeply into their practices, enhance their skills, and broaden their perspectives to better serve their client organizations. The word "retreat" was specifically chosen to represent a time away for deep connection, learning, and growth.

Retreats are for anybody who uses coaching within an Agile environment. Attendees range from new ScrumMasters to experienced Agile coaches, product owners, and managers.

Learn more about past Scrum Coaching Retreats and the products that have evolved as an outcome. 

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Scrum Coaching Retreat Articles

Coaching the Coaches

Bob Galen, CEC, shares his experience facilitating the Raleigh, NC coaches retreat. In his words, he writes "a funny story, at least to me, that gets to the heart of what attending the retreats is all about." Read the entire article

Deeper Learning Using Scrum

Mark Summers, CST®, CEC, writes: "Since the Scrum Coaching Retreats started in 2011, they have become widespread, with six happening in 2015. The idea was started and driven forward by a group of volunteer Certified Scrum Coaches, working closely with Scrum Alliance®. The event has grown organically and now involves small teams all over the world organizing these events, with support and sponsorship from Scrum Alliance." Read the entire article

Upcoming Events

Scrum Coaching Retreat North America 2019

Berkeley, California, United States

April 07, 2019 - April 09, 2019