Agile Leadership

Agile leaders come from all areas of an organization and all corners of the world. Whether they’re an executive or an administrator, trained in Agile, or have the instinctive mindset of an Agilist, learn how Agilists are leading and leaders are being Agile.

Why I Chose to Develop an A-CSM Course


In his latest SparkPlug Agility blog post, Chris Li (CST®) shares his thoughts about the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster course and how it relates to his Agile journey.

How to Build Lasting Success in your Agile Transformation


In this article, Michael Sahota, CEC, outlines step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run a one-hour workshop to turn your “Agile” initiative into something valuable and sustainable that will open the door for real change (transformation).

Coach Leads Scrum Alliance Through Its Own Agile Transformation


John Miller is in the unique situation of mentoring his mentor. Hired in June by Scrum Alliance®, Miller is leading the organization that trained him as a coach through its own Agile transformation.

Scrum Alliance Hires an Agile Coach


Scrum Alliance®, an organization dedicated to transforming the world of work, has taken its own advice and hired an Agile coach.

[Select Repost] Succeeding with Your Agile Coach


Bringing in an Agile Coach is an excellent and likely necessary part of unlocking your Agile transformation. However, a successful engagement with a coach will have you more connected and active with your transformation, not less. So consider these 5 positive coaching engagement patterns, in this Agile Advice blog post, written by Martin Aziz.

[Select Repost] 7 Agile Practices You Can Apply In A Controlled Environment


So your teams want to do Agile, perhaps have even started doing so. Now your project managers run around wondering what story points are and why any number of people seem to be attributing hours to their project code. So the question is: what can you adopt easily without turning the Governance of your organisation upside down? Read this blog post, by Chris Lukassen.

[Select Repost] Scaling — What's it all about?


Jim York argues, in this blog post, that scaling Agile requires starting with the simple and progressing through practice to mastery. Here he offers basic steps to go from small to larger scale Agile. 

[Select Repost] Adventures In Agile Marketing: The Editorial Calendar[Select Repost] Agile Change or Adoption - The Steps to Go From "Why" to "How"


If your organization is going to become an Agile organization, and you understand that it has to be a collaborative discussion and effort rather than an executive decree, author Mark Levison writes about the key ingredients to move forward with that decision effectively. To learn more, visit the Agile Pain Relief Consulting website.

[Select Repost] Agile vs Waterfall


In this Agilitrix blog post, author Michael Sahota writes about some of the key differences between Agile and Waterfall.

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